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  1. Summer is way harder. All you need for winter are some clothes that are piss easy to get. And the deerclops ain't THAT bad compared to a dragonfly. Not to mention random combustions everywhere(which is actually the deciding factor in why I think summer is harder).
  2. Twigs and stuff Drying racks and a part of the farms. Bees and berry bushes + the rest of the farms. PS: Can anyone tell me where's the spoiler in this forum? I had to type it personally like a savage :<
  3. I do lack creativity...even minecraft, I only built the basic house and farm, and a shaft mine, and quickly rushed to kill the enderdragon... And if you were wondering how I was doing so well my first try, I was watching a youtuber named Ethoslab play for about 18 days before trying it so I already knew everything needed...You may think it ruined my game experience but I just HATE figuring stuff out myself.
  4. So it`s my first time playing, and it`s been day 30 or so, and I`m already bored. It is basically impossible to die now that I have a ton of farms and berry bushes, and I got no mobs attacking me at night. So what do I do in the game?