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  1. I don't think gold can give out light and if it does fireflies are a safer bet and plus they look pretty cool, and about the silk, why don't you plant some eggs so you can get more silk?
  2. I don't think this is a bug but Im gonna research and do some experiments and post the results on another thread.
  3. So I made 3 chest so i could store some stuff.After making them I went to chop down some wood and get some grass when I came back one of the chest was unaligned with the other 2 chest, this has happen to me 6 times, I don't know if Im going crazy or its the game art style thats doing this. It makes my OCD go insane... Help please... *Falls to the floor crying*
  4. In Don't starve theres a fair ammount of creatures that can end your life in a matter of seconds, but we all have that one special creature that makes you so scared you just want to close the game and never play again. For me that special creature are the hounds, they scare me so much, they make those really scary noises,they are fast and worst of all, they come in groups. So I want to know what is the creature that scares the living hell out of you and why!
  5. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 19 De Issue title Invisible treeguard. Steps to reproduce Make a treeguard appear. Describe your issue So I was just collecting some wood when a tree guard appeared and well we was invisible and killed me in a second...
  6. Well it dosent really matter now cause I got killed by a invisible treeguard...
  7. I will continue exploring if theres no king I guess I have to crate another world, ohhh well at least I won't lose my research points.
  8. So I was exploring my world when I found a pig village and got super happy but for some reason the king is not there, its just the Pigman. This worrys me alot because In my opinion the King is one of the most important creatures in the game because you can get infinite gold from im. I don't know if I should keep exploring this world or make a new one... So yeah...help?!?!
  9. Day 78 and still going strong. I know its not alot but its my first playthrough and 100% spoiler free, so I think its pretty good.
  10. Eat their meat. Yup, im a wonderful owner >:3 - - - Updated - - - Eat their meat. Yup, im a wonderful owner >:3
  11. Survived for 60 days and still going strong but right know my main objective is to make a meat effegy just so I can fell a little bit safer. But for that I need meat from beffalos and the eggs from tallbirds so I can unlock them and so my question is, do beffalos and tallbirds repopulate (respawn)?? Because I dont wan't to kill every single on of them.
  12. So with the naughty and nice update I started thinking, should I be doing some sort of preparation for the update like I did with the last one and im curios if you guys have done any preparations or planing to do some. And if yes, what are you going to do in order to be prepared for the naughty and nice update? And on a random note, still alive and kicking on day 52 of my first playthrough blind
  13. So I have been playing Don't starve since the 17 november update, and today I updated to the 30 november update but when the sun goes down, my frames drop, but only when the sun goes down, when its day or night time my frames go back to normal. How do I fix this? Do you have the same problem? And I read that on the nice and naughty update they are going to extend the max frames from 30 to 60, is that true?
  14. Thanks for the info good thing I didn't get to close to them and good thing they will turn to normal pigs again, can't live without their poop!