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  1. I feel like the fact that the tent gives back hunger is stupid and and a bit exploitable. I always keep two tents at my base and materials for more, if I for any reason am ever vary low on hunger with not much to eat I just jump in one and wallah. I think that it should have maybe say five uses but not help your hunger at all.
  2. I am currently at 224 or so and starting to get really bored.. i feel like if I really wanted to i could get to 1,000 + but im just gonna kill myself .
  3. I wonder how many copy's they have sold as of now...
  4. Pigs are pretty easy, because they get stun locked every time you hit them. The secret is to make sure you dont aggro to many at once. So you want to find a piggy who is out farther then the rest and just take em out. Or you could always just kite them all XD.
  5. 1. Honey is very beneficial to your health. 2. Early in the game rabbits line your self up with the rabbit and its whole and you should be able to get em! 3. I have personally only seen a few ghosts witch i just ran away from cause they dont drop anything but i would assume you just hit it the same as with any other mob. 4. Their are tons... just experiment, I like honey ham (2 honey and 2 cooked meat) and meaty stew witch is just basically assorted meats.
  6. And i just checked the yogscast has over 2 million subscriber so its bound to generate quite a few new people!!!
  7. I discovered it by seeing syndicate do a few of them.
  8. ^ I agree. It would get very annoying sitting their writing in your diary every night just so I could save my game, would become a major grind. But I do like the idea of writing in the diary increasing sanity, it could be like a bandage for sanity with 100% at first and it drains as you use it like with the tools we have now. I also think it would be cool if we could label stuff .