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  1. Kitten Lover

    Flock of doom!

    Dat sh*t cray
  2. Kitten Lover

    Berry Bush Map Icons

    oh sorry i didn't understand it right ._.
  3. Can't wait, to bad i dont got any tallbirds on my map :L
  4. Kitten Lover

    Holy Cow the Yogscast!

    I found Don't Starve originally by a Youtube comment, a livestream is what got me interested in the game ;P
  5. Kitten Lover

    Don't Starve file

    it should be like that but it wasn't there that's why i didn't put it next to common
  6. Well, basicly i wanted to look for the Don't Starve file in Steam/Steamapps/Common. But when i went there Don't Starve wasn't in it can someone help me?