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  1. Correct randomly. I don't like it much when the hounds attack at night, I'm just happy I don't mistake their breathing with Beefalo like I did my first encounter with them, didn't last past 4 days that time hehe. yeah I figured as much, a fire base biome was a given to be bright up before, but I thought I'd still give my idea out even if useless. Never know what good might come from it, new ideas could spark from anywhere after all ^w^. ohh, thats a brilliant idea, the location I am in right now is almost out of boulders so a way for them to respawn would be useful. Surely wouldn't want to get hit by a boulder, that would be a insta kill if not dropping you down to on heart. Yeah I wouldn't change the random encounters at all, at first I dislike that, but the longer I played I see nothing wrong with it, even if I came across a flame hound with normal ones (still haven't yet) wouldn't bother me too much if everything went up in flames pfft haha. but a origin would be nice for at least the flame hounds, all the other creatures I came across have a place to call home after all, why not hounds. Just like frogs...didn't think of that relation when I brought it up, but yes them spawning from the pools would be neat looking. what? eliminated the points how come, I thought that was a nice touch to building, sigh being new to all of this is hard to keep up. SPF 8000 haha I love that idea X3 it's a bummer about your preference against magic and potions, but I can understand, I like your idea better anyways, just trying to picture the animation to a character putting on sun screen makes me giggle. Oh, also about the whole boulders falling on the head, a hard hat, like similar to construction hats could be made for that, to protect from at least one boulder if it falls on you, pretty weak durability.
  2. I woke up this morning with this idea. So thought I'd join the forums to show it. It's a silly idea, or already thought of something similar I'm sure, so sorry if I waist anyones reading time. Flame hounds, I haven't seen one yet, but honestly I think they need a biome of their own. (I'm just calling it Red Hot Biome...derp) So what if you have to make a magic item you can only get with a large amount of Science Points. Made through the Alchemy Engine I guess. Once you have that item you burn it on your camp fire and it sends you to the Red Hot for a few days (or just a day) then you appear back in the morning by your camp fire. This can open up new items you can craft maybe, like limited fire protection potion for characters that aren't fire proof. Anyways, once at the red hot biome, there would be like, little lava puddles here and there, with flame hounds around, if you get too close to a flame hound, it would run to the puddle drink from it, then run at you on fire? XD With fire protection you wouldn't get burnt but you would still take hit damage and wont be about to use a log suit, So maybe there are items you can collect and craft in the red hot Biome for better defense that doesn't burst into flames. I'm not saying get rid of the flame hounds all together in the normal biomes when they randomly attack with normal hounds, just make them more rare there.