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  1. [Graphics] Texture Resolution

    I'm an idiot the driver was not the latest, apparently the auto update detector doesn't work. I updated to the latest driver and everything is fine.
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Texture Resolution Steps to reproduce It is constant, has been this way since I first installed the game. Describe your issue Some textures are at a different resolution than others, I have run across 2 notable ones so far: -The first on is Maxwell at the beginning, I do not have a screenshot of this but if I die in my current game I will upload one. -The second is the Beefalos, there is a screenshot attached apparently I cannot use the manage attachments button so here is a link to the screenshot: Dropbox that should help make what I am experiencing obvious. Things I have tried to do to solve this issue: -Verify Integrity of game cache -Uninstalling and reinstalling -Updating drivers System: -Windows 7 x64 -ATI Radeon HD 5450