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  1. How to beat tree guardian

    or.. plant trees in front of him
  2. map, size, number of biomes

    you have one island more to discover 9 max
  3. Youtube

    lol.. ignore him it's just a troll. he want to piss off people like you.
  4. it's easy! do this steps! : 1. turn off steam cloud. (google it if you don't know how.) 2. go to your steam folder > userdata > number, ( delete this 219740 ) 3. launch game and create new world. (you can now turn on steam cloud but you don't need)
  5. Holy Cow the Yogscast!

    ok i see. thanks
  6. Holy Cow the Yogscast!

    Syd where you see this ?
  7. Holy Cow the Yogscast!

    maybe when the game becomes more and more popular, people of Klei Entertainment create Don't Starve 2. Discovered the game by watching Etho btw.
  8. Boats

    they want to do this : I don't like teleport idea, so Boats can do their job.
  9. Meat effigy over powered

    my suggestion is that the more meateffigy you have that more and dangerous mobs come out.
  10. this was suggested many times. Use search function before posting!
  11. [Gameplay] Black screen when loading up

    uninstall game using steam.. (library) C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\Temp delete all files there update graphic card drivers. (remember that you must uninstall existing driver first) ( be secure using regcleaner! don't delete all logs, only don't starve! )use regcleaner or CCleaner and delete all don't starve logs download game again from steam.
  12. I know that fences are already suggested. but I suggest that fences could stop beefalo from running everywhere.
  13. Question : Pigs and their feeding.

    ye, it suck ;/ i just tested it and : pig don't want eat more than once! (per day)
  14. [Gameplay] Black screen when loading up

    go to Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve and install VCRedist & DXRedist and try to run the game with administrator