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  1. Are we being intoxinated? (lore post)

    Yeah, I wrote this post prior to seeing the penultimate Basement level. That definitely suggests that the whole thing is a fantasy a child is holding onto to emotionally survive something nasty. Incidentally, supporting the divorce theory is that there are posters in one of the school levels that discusses divorce and offering counseling. Of course, Klei's writers love their mindscrews so for all we know both could still be happening. We could be playing Hazard's childhood backstory wherein he contextualizes fond memories with GAT as toys in a "Pyroland" sorta way. That we may be getting playable Grossglobes suggests that I was reading too much into it, though. (i.e. the story isn't as GAT-centric as I assumed it would be from pre-release media)
  2. Are we being intoxinated? (lore post)

    Oh God. More Invisible Inc stuff.
  3. Something that's been on my mind since playing through most of Hot Lava and watching the GAT skits. I'm coming more and more to believe that rather than the "real world" being the one where we're playing pretend with our sister, we're actually playing Hazard as he's undergoing intoxination and brainwashing. He's being mentally regressed to a child's state of mind because that's when we're at our most pliable. (real world cults do something similar to indoctrinate convertees) Why the lava thing? Because it's shown in the "Hazard Haze" cartoon that T.O.X.I.C. makes use of at least one lava obstacle course. It's even possible we're viewing backstory prior to Jen Forcer saving Hazard for the first time. Thus everything we know about existing in a world where GAT is a cartoon/toy line etc. is a pastiche made to downplay GAT and get you to listen to your sister. More to the point -- the "sister" we chase is actually Lord Sludge! -- She appears at a glance, like a normal Sue Nami action figure compared to the one you picked. However she's green-on-green colored, an unobtainable shade, with some weird streaks of green in her hair. She is in general "too green". Of course in gameplay terms all things meant to be interacted with appear green as a design rule, so that's not much on its own. But it is slightly jarring and she is very intent on teaching you everything you know, much as Lord Sludge claimed to have done for Hazard. -- Her body language is VERY grumpy in the intro while the GAT cartoon is playing and you're playing with your GAT toys. That's easy to dismiss on its own, big sister just sorta enduring her sibling's cartoon. But the real smoking gun is ANOTHER aspect of the intro... -- When chasing your sister through the intro, you actually encounter the "Ragnaros" magma man version of Lord Sludge. Twice you actually chase him into another room and find your sister there where he should be. They don't appear at the same time, they alternate. -- The game world is deceptively wholesome. Aside from the gross kids cereal, there isn't much in the way of spoof or parody, it feels like a very normal world. That could just be part of the magic that the team put together to better immerse the player in actual childhood. But then... you find this. This event is sponsored by Plastech? That could just be a cute Invisible Inc. nod, sure. But... well, Plastech in-universe was an expert at body modification and had the ability to upload minds into computers, which you'd find out the hard way if you knocked out one of their elite enforcers. But Plastech's presence is the one overtly sinister aspect. I could just be reading way too much into the cute lava hopping game. But I didn't see anyone else proposing this theory, so eh, up it goes.
  4. Thank you for your help, even just for looking into possible solutions/workarounds.
  5. Sent, followed the instructions to the letter. Performance drops aren't as dramatic as I remember, but Don't Starve is the sort of game where a lot can happen in a fraction of a second. I still think in my case it's from having a multicore processor that just flat isn't being used as it's needed for Hamlet. Slowdowns shouldn't be happening if the game is only using 20-25% of my computer's total processing power. I suspect it wasn't a problem before because DS used to be a smaller game and even just that 20-25% was probably enough to keep a consistently high framerate. But now, yeah, Hamlet has forced the issue of finding some way to multithread this game in my case. (if anyone can help me force the game to multithread somehow, like with a trustworthy third party program or something, that'd be amazing. Though it's probably revealing of my ignorance of actual computer science that I'd hope for such a thing.)
  6. [Game Update] - 294181

    Holy heck, Wilba can eat monster meat without penalty? She was already shaping up to be my new main, now it's pretty much set in stone! That was my favorite trait about Webber.
  7. I had this problem too. Know what fixed it for me? I do not know why for the life of me, but sometimes Don't Starve's folders in the steamapps folder are set to Read Only by default. Go to your Don't Starve folder, right click on properties and uncheck "Read Only". Then go inside the folder and do the same for the data subfolder.
  8. Optimus Pine times Two!

    The real question is -- does treeguard meat count against a vegetarian run?
  9. Did Wendy kill her sister?

    On the other hand, Wendy seems more depressed than the sort of fringe-crazy that Willow has. I just don't overall get the sense that Wendy is a bad girl, just morbid. While Abigail does come by, she doesn't hurt Wendy and in fact will kill threats to her. Not exactly the behavior of a ghost with a grudge. Wendy's casual reaction to Abigail's appearances also suggests to me that there isn't bad blood between them.
  10. Unlocking Characters

    I like it, honestly. It encourages play and exploration. Though whether new characters are tied to minor achievements I'd like to be weighed versus how many characters there will be. If the game is going to have a LOT of them, then yeah, your suggestion would be better than a strict XP bar. I don't think I agree with you that experience points necessarily means grind. "Grind" is one of those words that gets overused a lot, and should probably be saved for repetitive, non-stimulating padded gameplay.
  11. Monster Meat Stew

    I wouldn't say it's an endless food supply since you still have to fight the spiders and that can be resource or time intensive. I honestly think being able to make something of all the monster meat you're getting should be a reward for your ability to consistently fight. An abundance of food is a general "balance problem" right now, but I do think you should be rewarded for certain prowess.
  12. weapon deflation

    Maybe the volcano biome that Moebius thought of could occasionally spew new rocks to break after a periodic eruption.
  13. Seriousely, red hounds....

    Mission accomplished? XD
  14. Fishie friends

    D: So wait, I was crazy to NOT seek fish from stagnant water surrounded by jagged bare trees, evil frogs and death tentacles?! O_O
  15. Fishie friends

    Huh, the fishing rod works? All this time I've been impotently clicking on the ocean waiting for something to happen!