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  1. I learned my lesson and have a island of charcoal cuz of it
  2. this happened to me too. she killed the 5 I had out. argh. I made a tent to change my character so Abigail won't be killing them. now the small birds wont react at all. kinda cute since Wendy was the one that hatched them...but still. I wouldn't have to change characters if Abigail didnt kill them
  3. you can't hear them if abigail is out. her moaning overpowers their growls
  4. Before this patch I remember the trees going back after setting fire to them....guess that changed. ARGH!!!!!
  5. Well I have a question. I killed a flame hound near a tree....yes and it set the whole dang island on fire. Everything was randomized was literally that close together. So now I have nothing but charcoal on that island. Is it intentional not to have have it grow back? I'm running out of wood....
  6. Hi guys I have a humble idea. I understand the devs idea of turtling by making a shelter. For survival purposes people dont stay on the ground at night. it's just outright suicide you're asking to be eating alive. In fact not having shelter at all is just suicide. I'm one of those players that like to customize my home then defend it to no end by having tons of secret passages and what not. In minecraft I made a treehouse house with a built in ladder in the trunk and an underwater tram to the npc village. Yet still go out there and try to find resrouces. ie spider webs (no spawner) Before the flames come in this is what I would propose. So everyone wants to work toward an endgame right? I would say that end game is to gather and research materiels the ultimate fortress/ shelter for yourself starting from day 1. So you would need to gather mats and be building prototypes that you would not know what it will finally be until you perfect it. it could be a stone wall, lamp. tiki torch. whatever. Another suggestion you can make a portal to new world within it (so you dont get bored in the same one). once you leave you can come back but everyone is unusable from being abandoned. so you need to go out and find stuff again. which would lead to all the food you stored in your chest rots from the players being away. devs could even go over the top and have the world change while you were away in another one. like some volcano blew up. burning everything and you have to go further to find new resources in this new world. belive me I would love to have a customizable treehouse that i decorate and call it my own but it will come at a super high cost. hopefully this doesnt ruffle any feathers.