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  1. Or you could just lead him to the nearest pig village and watch them try to kill him, then pick up all the meat and pigskins he creates. He also loses aggro to you and then just walks around randomly. He's actually useful for farming pig villages.
  2. Why do the Rock Birds aggro so hard now? I was just walking through the area, had not stolen any bird eggs that game, and they start chasing me with their increased movement speed. I run all day through two forests, back to the pig village, and they won't stop chasing and the pigs won't attack them. I get it, it's a survival game, but if rock birds are going to act like werepigs, then I'll just dart and kill all of them. The pitiful amount of eggs they supply isn't worth the grief. On a related note, the rock birds haven't been laying eggs. As I walked through the area, all the nests were empty before they started to pursue. Maybe something else ate their eggs? Fix rock bird aggro please.