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  1. I had the same bug here. Can't build those cooking pots anymore, unless you play with the firestarter.
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 69878 Issue title Extremely increased zoom-in Steps to reproduce Zoom Out (Pressing down arrow key- or scroll mouse); Pause the game (pressing esc); The game will start to zoom back (from far, to near) but won't stop, ending on a black screen. To reset the camera to default, just zoom out a bit. Describe your issue When playing, i was zooming out to check for resources, had to pause to be afk for a little bit, when i came back the game was just a black screen. After trying a few things, i tried to zoom, and it restored back to the normal camera. Then i tried to reproduce such effect, and found out that it happend when you do what i wrote in the "Steps to Reproduce".