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  1. is it a chrome key ?

  2. ok but its really like this i can play the demo on chrome but on steam theres always that stupid open gl 2.1 error -.-
  3. dude sorry im triying my best uhmm.. if you buy a game on steam you can gift it to another guy or so if you dont like it more idont know how to describe it im not bad in english but this one thing :/ im german you know
  4. not really no but on steam you have the option to make it like an present to an other guy (sorry im not from america but i am triying my best i look most of the videos on english )
  5. okay would you want maybe binding of isaac or abes and munchs oddysee on steam
  6. if you buy it you get it once plus a gift i activated the gift on an other steam account to trie if this works but.... no nothing so i have dont starve 2 times
  7. i am gonna give you my minecraft account because i dont play that much multiplayer i wanna the chrome key
  8. hey cant play dont starve on steam but i tried the demo on chrome and its working but only on chrome -.- so i put 20€ on steam buyed it and cant play it so i want the chrome key if you want to swap it just write an pm to me