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  1. See I would normally chalk this up to not reading the manual, but it wouldn't matter, I don't read manuals anyways haha.
  2. After reading what is in store for us from the road map in the general forums, I am excited on how things are going to shape up in later builds. Possibilities for this game could be endless but the ideas below I feel are within the spirit of the game. Sleep requirements It would seem fitting to have a need for sleep, making players anxious about, did they put enough fuel on the fire to last the night. Being woken up in the middle of the night hounded would be an interesting experience to say the least. Desert biomes I am not sure if this has been mentioned before, but the survival experience doesn't feel complete until you are trudging through a desert to survive, going from water source to water source. This brings up the need of thirst, and could introduce items such as containers for water (made from beefalo bladders or stomachs....). With the addition of sleep and thirst along with hunger, if characters get low on these aspects it effects their sanity levels, seeing things in the distance, monsters that arent there etc. Survival training Starting after day 10, you earn a point for every day you live, these points accumulate so you can purchase small minor improvements to Wilson's survival chance. These points could be used on anything, better farming habits, need rates reduced, health pool increase etc. Example point spending Beefy After spending all this time in the wilderness [character] has developed a fine set of muscles. Costs 1, 2 4 8 16 , 5 levels Increases base hit points of your character by 2 5 10 25 50 Iron gut Costs 10 points Allows player to eat pine cones and raw food as if were cooked. Tool skill levels (leveled through use - balance could be an issue) Costs 5 points per level of tool. Higher the skill levels, the less durability loss on tools. Only opens up if you purchase the levels on the tree. This would make players look forward to living longer, as the next day would bring a small improvement. Making it marginal instead of mandatory would be the difficult balance job though but hey its beta. Sanity icon I like the idea that players will have to watch their sanity as try to survive. But sanity is over rated , instead of keeping your character sane... well sane enough it could unlock different options available. One example, if your character has a marble left before losing it, they could drink a pigmens blood to satisfy thirst. On the opposite side of the coin, high sanity (civility) would mean the character would not eat anything unless it was cooked. Locust swarms. To mix things up, plants could fail by pests, and on a large scale by swarms. It would encourage players to set up more than just one area that they live of. Further character abilities. Wilson is meant to beat nature with science, but all characters can research so other than growing a beard there isnt that much difference. Wilson could instead be able to fiddle with objects he created to improve them, like making a chest have higher capacity (of course it would need resources etc). Willow, gains (or loses.... all perspective) sanity whlie surrounded by fire? Lastly, each character could have a favourite food, the bonus might be some sanity everytime its eaten, extra health recovered or more hunger satisfied. Willow, could be completely vegan, but as Soon as her sanity slips, she comes around to eating meat, etc.
  3. First off, I am thoroughly enjoying the experience. I am into my 20+ hour into the game and now at the point waiting for more content. Summary of deaths: Death 1: Died at day 8: I managed to survive the first pack of hounds on day 5, but the second pack on day 8 did me in. Managed to survive long enough to map out 2 islands. Learnt about researching. Notes : Survived quite long only armed with a spear , no armour (I am a horrid pack rat) Death 2: Died at day 4: Got rather careless and let the light radius shrink placing me in the darkness. Notes : Learnt to place at least 1 board or 6 charcoal at campsites to ensure that never happens again. Death 3: Died at day 3: Found the desert rock biome Got too close to Tallbird while mining for gold for alchemy lab, hence got one shotted. Death 4: Died at day 10: After retrying to figure out how to get manure, I had the intelligent idea to beat the living snot out of the pigmen. Summary, don't attack pigs unless fully armoured. Failed to dodge 8 angry pigmen. (again no armour) Death 5: Died at day 27: After the hostile method didnt work, tried feeding them. Success, started farming but manure supply was difficult to keep stocked. However refusing to part with my backpack, died while learning to catch bees. Note : They hurt without the beekeepers hat. Note : Inner pyromaniac unleashed , torching a large concenration of spider nests. Death 6: TBA Haven't died yet at day 80: (Had to drop my packrat behaviour, donning Logsuit as default) Have cross swords with a fire hound. Killed a tenticle for a lovely weapon. Killed a treeant over an argument about 1 chopped 2 planted method. Feedback: Is it intentional that all research and map is carried over from games? I found myself if I researched something in each death or learnt more about the map I came out ahead. Regarding pigs, is anyone doing what I am currently doing with them? I kill them every morning for a stable supply of meat, and pig skins (18 research points each, who knew pig skin was made out of research gold). Having 2-3 houses nearby means neverending supply of meat and effigy peices. Having run into werepigs in a previous death, killing them every morning removes the risk. Killing 1 pig before the other two can react, 5 second routine every morning. Bridges, a defensible position? I got into the habit of building supply bases at the bottle necks of bridges. For every circle/bridge on the map, I tried to at least have one campfire, with emergency food stocks. Bigger camps were situated near beefalo herds. Campfire habits? As I mentioned earlier I try to place 5 boards and 40 charcoal at each site. I found 1 board or 6 charcoal was enough for an evening if added to fire halfway into dusk period. Suggestions: Like in diablo 3: Shift + click allows a character to attack and stay in one spot. I found some of my near deaths were because the clicking spot made the character move to the spot instead of attacking the mob that was there. Game could host a journal activity, logging how you died in previous lives or even replaying the last 10 to 30 seconds before death for prosperity. Could spawn its own post, Best/Most memorable deaths. When trying to pick up objects, the character could try to pick up all of the similar item within a small radius, for example, logs, one click could attempt to pick up all the logs in that radius. I found it difficult to click on items that were obscured by trees and other objects. Maybe have a button that we could push to ghost back a layer allowing easier access/view.