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  1. please continue your Delaney Sanitarium story:(

  2. every letter in MAXIMUM is symmetrical, the exact same when mirrored.
  3. I feel dumb, I read the tease, started reading everyone's research, thought of morse code, reached the point in the thread where everyone said it was trolling, stopped reading, went to work. I switched it into variable patterns based on which symbols worked with viable morse code letters, put them together, got total gibberish, started thinking it might have a cypher or something, so i started standard letter replacement to try and find something but no combination that resulted in any words worked for the message...Get a steam message from a friend "SPIDER QUEEN IN NEXT UPDATE!" I reply "Where?! Who confirmed it.", he links me back to this thread only a page or two further in where someone ran the morse code backwards and got the full message. I worry that I might've spent alot more time trying to unscramble the non-existent cypher if my friend hadn't seen procne's post.
  4. I think it would be cool but more as something you build, like you build a mineshaft, and every few days or so it lifts a boulder out for you to destroy with your pick.
  5. I understand even less now, this action system confuses me even more. I only get actions on the first day?So I kill 20 rabbits and bam, Krampus? and killing a redbird takes 2 actions? And I am punished for killing tallbirds even though they attack me mercilessly? And he will show up and break your stuff anyway regardless of actually ever doing any naughty things?
  6. I am not sure I understand "Naughtiness", I am not very good at the game, but now it seems that I am not supposed to eat animals? Traps keep the animal alive, but what point is it if I will just get naughtiness the second I have to kill and eat it because I am starving? And what about nice-ness? does it exist? is there any way to undo the naughtiness of killing any animal? The only meat it is now safe to obtain is monster meat, and the spiders are so brutal now, I got attacked by one spider by my fire, so I attacked it, next thing I know, I am swarmed by 13! The game wants to fight camping, but the only safe food source is now farmplots, which mean setting up a base, I don't understand what this mechanic is supposed to do aside from beat me down. I needed rabbits to do well before, but now if I kill them a 200 HP monster who can kill me in 2 hits comes in and either destroys me or my stuff, so I have to turn to monster meat but the spider nest are brutal! and they never seem to end! SO I just have to find a beefalo pasture and fertilize crops forever so I never get naughtiness or starve, or death by 13 spiders... Did I miss something or did this mechanic jump the difficulty rather steeply?
  7. Wow, ridiculously excited, the one thing that intrigues me is the point of taming bunnies, I know the fans have asked for pets for a while but there seems no point to having a rabbit follow me or a bird in a cage. And in history krampus only harmed Naughty kids, which implies that there might be some sort of NICE way to prevent krampus from breaking your stuff
  8. SO I was walking about my world this fine evening and was mapping it all out so I could choose a suitable place to live. After days of in game exploring I knew that my world was very large indeed. But it was late into my explorations when I came across an island that was something of an oddity. I first thought it strange when I saw a small patch of swampland not big enough to build three structures in, just sitting amidst a green grass area. That was nothing compared to what I would Soon find, entire sections full of every terrain type overlapping each other, (picture below) I thought it rather peculiar and something I should share with my fellow starvers.
  9. Okay, I got the image to work this time, here it is.
  10. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Chrome Version Number 69828 Issue title Localized "Lens Flare" Bug. Steps to reproduce 1. Playing as Wilson, die. 2.Unlock Willow, play in same world as her. 3. Approach general area where Wilson died, 4.Watch as screen lights up with a super high yellow white light. This only happened in a specific area, I could have literally placed borders around the edge, I walk in, flare, walk out, normal. Describe your issue I died as wilson, and when adventuring in the same world near his death spot as Willow who I had just unlocked, my screen went a bright white yellow blinding light like looking into the sun, leaving the area made it go away. It was also a fairly large area, but the light had definite borders, I could walk in and out and watch the colors change. It happened during both day and night. I have a picture but it says I am not allowed to use the picture posting feature.
  11. Had same issue, thought it was because I had moved my steam install directory, but apparently not, any progress on this would be very helpful.
  12. Average grass use per day-relatively low, But I usually only live to about day 30-ish or so my opinion might not count for the "late game" though I can't see why it wouldn't. I go through maybe 10-20 grass a day. I don't stockpile, I never take more than I need. I look at living for three days as my consistant goal, so my resource consumption is lower. I almost never need to trap between my other food incomes. I mapped out my current world completely by day 5, and built a small research and stockpile area to return to every so often. I have four Campfire pits in the main "districts" of my world, so if I ever need a place to stop, I have one. And I only use logs for fire and constantly replant trees everywhere. I don't dig up bushes or tufts or saplings, I think farms look ugly, I like thinking that the whole world is mine, so if my resources are a little further out, it doesn't bother me, it's just a different part of my home. (Yes I have a bridge BTW) Only problem I have is that my world spawned without a pig king so the nerf to gold tools kills me, considering I am running low on useable rocks. other wose part is I have a bazillion graves and tons of trinkets to give him, but no king. In conclusion: I hope the non-replanted grass nerf gets removed cuz I really hate the idea of actually having tofertilize(despite it not being as detrimental as it is to others.) And my Grass per day is 20 or less typically. My suggestion: Instead of fertilizing grass, why not make tufts randomly come back on your world? make grass die out after a number of harvests and have a new tuft spring to life elsewhere. Make it dependant on the number of useable tufts in the world. (example If (GrassTuftsOnWorld) < (60[Healthy number to have considering a good portion of them may have already been harvested and are in a period of regrowth}) then Spawn(GrassTufts)(10*RandomNumericalVariable between .5 and 3) this pseudo code equation means if your world grass is running low, it makes a random batch more, and considering it shows up on your map, it's not too darned inconvenient.