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  1. Just so uno, imo with these adjustments to grass uses u can probably make it roughly 5 a cycle. i have no idea, however, what your end game plan is, just saying since u guys will probably nerf it again with 20 times being quite alot and TY for being awesome.
  2. Im like half asleep and have work in 5 hours so i hope i make sense I use mid game roughly 30 grass a day, traps and log suits because i need to explore and see whats going on, but tbh id say one of the biggest grass usages is simply the traps. Perhaps reduce the grass requirement on traps? Remember, since u nerfed the running from behind the hole killing jackalope thing (which was a needed fix) we need to actually use the traps if we want to be jackalope hunters, so nerfing these things and including hounds which make early survival a little more difficult all togethor makes the game more difficult. Perhaps make it so we can do other things other than simply manure to fertilize? O, say for example, we can make "Grass mulch" out of fertilizer, so its not actually 100's of pieces of manure just to fertilize everything? Also, i will admit, people have become too dependent imo on grass. I dont think you ever need to feed the fires with grass after very early game, since u can even use the pinecones from the trees lol. Or charcoal is easy to get. I think a combination of everything u included at once to make survival more difficult, however is one of the biggest issues. The other issue is that lets say that i want to somehow be self sufficient on my own, what if i dont want to have to rely on the pigs, and the pigs/beefalos are hideously far, and i want to survive without there intervention other than what i build? well for one its not possible now, and two im not incenticized to at all. Biggest thing i see here as i said in the other thread, why would i NOT want to build near the piggies? You should do something to discourage that from simply being the awnser. Sorry if it seems like im ranting lol. Btw, first game that hooked me for a long time. i work 40 hrs and am taking 13 units atm, so for me to spend my minimal time here is Also, if your other games follow this attention to detail and outside the box thinking, u have a permanent customer. And ill drag my fiance in as well. Just wanted to let u guys know you have done an AWESOME job overall.
  3. Kite the piggies best i can, and my base wouldnt be in them it be next to them. I think that the nerfs to armor were good since kiting is harder, but there still not that hard. Also, if i really wanted to i believe if i pay attention the the moon clock thingy i could kill them in the day when ino a full moon is near? and just repeat everytime right before night. if i wanted to test to be sure id leave one alive.
  4. These nerfs imo actually encourage you to turtle more by the pig king himself. I mean, just find out were he lives and camp right there. Then you get your pigs for free, done even have to care about the pig skin neede for house, you get your manure, and the source of gold that u need because of all the tools being nerfed is also there. Not to mention the free defenses of the pigs among other things. I personally never did this because i felt that was boring, and i preffered being able to create my camp self sufficient of the King and all his men, but with these grass and gold nerfs ill probably take a break. Perhaps if u can set up a way were we can place the manure onto something that will auto fertilize it would atleast help, but clicking each individual grass just to fertilize it gets tedious and is more of a grind imo then the research.