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  1. Not Responding?

    well i think its this game and maybe 1 other im not really sure - - - Updated - - - nope just this game
  2. Not Responding?

    so i basiclly have a problem when im playing the game i basiclly play for atleast 2 seconds then it immediatly makes everything on my computer not respond untill 5 minutes later and the only way i can play it is the demo version on my chrome but i my steam version only and my freind was really generous to get me this
  3. Not Responding?

    does that help?
  4. Not Responding?

    heres my system thingy Manufacturer dell Model N5050 Rating 5.6 windows experience index Processor intel ® Core ( TM) i3-2370M CPU @ 2.40GHz 2.40GHz 6.00 GB system type 64-bit Operating system i basiclly got that from the opening screen if it has something so someone can hack my cpu plz delete it
  5. Not Responding?

    umm... joe since im a teen i have a 15 minute attention span but i quickly read through some of that and nothing seemed like it would help i beleive i still have the box for this cpu - - - Updated - - - Windows 7 home premium
  6. Not Responding?

    O.O ummm how do i check that?
  7. Not Responding?

    ummm i believe im on a dell
  8. Not Responding?

    and by not responding i mean it makes everything on my cpu not respond for like 15-20 minutes - - - Updated - - - im on steam - - - Updated - - - how do i know my system specs (im a 14 year old :3)
  9. Not Responding?

    So i JUST NOW got my dont starve and its not responding what is going on? im really annoyed and really wanna play this game all i didnt was download it and try to play it can someone please explain and/or help me?