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  1. Straw rolls. Sleeping restores sanity so stuff like the top hat and stuff becomes useless if you have grass farms. That's pretty much all I have to say on the matter. Fistfull of jam is in the game (4 berries in a crock pot, possibly restores sanity). I never saw the aggressive reaper like shadow turn fully visible, he buggered off after I started going below 30.Overall, well done Kevin. Although beefalo hat is still slightly OP.
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform Steam Version Number Nov30 Issue title Crash upon doing anything with settings. Steps to reproduce Go into settings menu, do anything, even try to exit out. Game crashes dontstarve.exe has stopped working. Describe your issue Can't do anything in settings menu, stuck in a windowed mode. System specs aren't a problem as running a decent 2012 rig. Menu. http://xitztwi.deviantart.com/art/error-0-340417386?ga_submit=10%3A1354246542 Result: http://xitztwi.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=scraps#/d5mobke