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  1. Today I opened Don't Starve and saw something I wasn't used to seeing. On the main menu, just below Play, Settings, etc., was a new fourth button: Cheats. Curious, I clicked it. It had a button for unlocking "everything," and for resetting my profile. Shrugged and went on my way. When my girlfriend got home, I asked if she'd seen the new Cheats button, to which she replied there wasn't one. I reopened my game to show her it in mine, and it was gone. What made it appear? Did I do something to make it show up? Was it added temporarily, then hastily removed? Am I just crazy?
  2. Question from an admittedly new player - why nerf Tallbird Eggs immediately after buffing Tallbirds? With how aggressive they are now, their eggs already seemed close to more trouble than they're worth; now I think I'll just be avoiding Tallbirds outright. No need to risk their wrath for a piddly snack that I can outclass with more easily-obtained sources of food.