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  1. Unless there is some important reason to catch a rabbit and not kill it, I really wish we could revert to the old way the traps worked. The abstraction of checking your trap and getting a "morsel" fit very well with the game's aesthetic, and provided a way to trap for food without, you know, explicitly killing cute things. I know this doesn't bother a lot of players. But I assure you it bothers some players a lot. I play with a group of three other people, and we all find it a very unpleasant change. Throwing a stunned bunny to the ground and hacking it apart with an axe is just nasty. (And not really more or less "realistic" than the previous system, when you get right down to it.) This isn't about being Tough-Minded or what the hell ever, it's an aesthetic issue. I thought the previous solution was actually very clever in allowing trapping (which is a practical and fun part of a survival game) while glossing over the killing-cute-things part. It's just a huge aesthetic step back and has taken a surprising amount of fun out of the game for me and my friends, since surviving without trapping is, frankly, a pain.
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 67096 Issue title Abigail ate a whole spider's nest! Even the eggs! Steps to reproduce 1. Be near a spider nest at night when Abigail spawns. (I didn't aggro the nest, although I did fight some wandering spiders.) 2. Maneuver Abigail over the nest. 3. OMG! IT DIDN'T DROP ANYTHING! SHE SENT THE SPIDERS STRAIGHT TO HELL! Describe your issue I saw this issue reported in "archived bugs," but apparently, Abigail can still eat a whole spider's nest and leave behind nothing at all, right down to the last strand of silk!