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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Infinite morsels, seeds, and feathers. Steps to reproduce Drop a seed and wait by it. Describe your issue Simply drop a seed and stand directly next to it, waiting for birds to land on it. By abusing the hovering birds bug, you can hunt them at your leisure, but you CAN be fast enough to smack them as they land and prepare to take off again. This results in an abundance of morsels (I have about four stacks of forty at the moment), feathers, and seeds (which are dropped by the birds). All one needs is an item he/she can equip with which to attack the birds, and a single seed to get the chain going. EDIT: This will also result in bad karma (sorry, I'm a fallout veteran) with which one could "farm" Krampus, to get his backpack.
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Performance] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Nighttime, lagtime. Steps to reproduce Just play a few days and wait for nighttime. For me, my frames start dropping after about 10-15 nights, which tends to get annoying . Describe your issue There's really not much explaining to do. Frames start dropping as Soon as it turns evening, seemingly getting progressively worse (with each passing day, that is). It usually occurs around day 10-17, and always seems to slowly build up. Generating new worlds tends to leave me surprised at the FPS. It also (rarely, I've noticed it twice, so far) seems to pick up again when dusk passes and it turns proper dark. -A screenshot of my game, with extra info through the backspace console. Because I know people will eventually ask, I am not running intel graphics (that I know of. This is the part where I apologize repeatedly for not being very techy at all when it comes to computer specs). My specs, as far as I know, are (just copy-pasted from the details menu on the desktop icon of "computer". Again, I'm sorry, but computer specs are not my thing): Processor: AMD E-300 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.30 GHz RAM: 4g of which 3.6 available. Type: x64 Windows 7 (Home Premium). Service Pack 1 I know that the game can run smoothly, because it does, for the first few days. I've been having lots of fun getting slaughtered by who knows what manner of beasts I've found (which reminds me; spacebar-attacking beefalo could require tweaking, in my opinion. A confirmation, perhaps?), and would hate to have to quit because of some stupid issue like this one. I know my laptop (because it's a laptop, in case I hadn't already mentioned that) isn't exactly a technological masterpiece, but as said, it does run the game smoothly for the first few days.