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  1. Hi Dev's i have a few suggestions for you guys today. My first suggestion is for Cooking, Using Alchemy Machines and Etc. I always find myself (I am sure everyone else does too) getting large quantity of supplies such as meat/berries/carrots and i usually always cook them at the same time but i requires continuous clicking of the fire. My suggestion is for there to be a bar/window to pop up and ask the amount/quantity of meat that i want cooked and for it to continuously cooking it with out everyone having to click over and over. This way we can just type in the number of meat we want cooked. (Example: 3/9) I've seen this system used in multiple games so its not anything new but i would suggest it to be added to this. Also for other reasons this would be very good addition is i find myself gathering Monster Meat and cooking multiples, for anyone who has done this they most likely did the same thing i did and have accidentally clicked it to close to your character and they die from eating it. The reason for this is i would be attempting to cook it as fast as possible and the quantity bar would just allow me to click it once and cook 6 Monster Meats without any accidents of killing myself. My second suggestion for the game is for the mouse wheel. I am not sure exactly how the in-game scroll wheel works currently but from my own notice it usually zooms out and slowly goes back in closer to my character. My suggestion for the mouse wheel is to allow the player to click the mouse wheel in or mouse button 3 to lock the camera of where its at. This would allow players to zoom out to a certain height and then you can lock the camera in place at the height we want it, instead of it auto zooming back in at unreasonable levels. Those are my two suggestions and i just wanted to let you guys know that i am really enjoying the game. These are just two suggestions that i think personally wouldn't be a bad idea to add in. I would appreciate feedback and sorry if someone already suggested this since i didn't scroll through every post to see if someone suggested the same. Thanks
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Item disappeared Steps to reproduce 4 chest, 5 Stingers in inventory go to click on the chest on the left to drop stingers in click on a different chest close to it (I clicked on the one to the right of the chest i was storing the items in) then as your dropping the item in the left chest you'll walk to the right but as you put them into the left chest click back on that quickly to open and see the stingers inside and the item 5 bee stingers went away and i didn't have them in inventory or any of the chest. Describe your issue I just went to collect stingers and was bringing them back to store them in my chest and i quickly dragged them to the 1 chest on the left the accidentally clicked to walk away to the right to a different chest immediately after i stored the stingers but i quickly clicked back on the chest that i stored the stingers in on the left and it showed them for a millisecond then they were gone right in front of my eyes. Not sure how this happened but that's pretty much how it happened.