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  1. Pig Houses are limited. Because rocks are limited but I think the greater limitation in this case is the pig skin. After the pigs from the villages are all dead, you will not get enough from your own buildings. Because pigs not drop generally pig skin, you need to make them to werpigs ... and you have to be fast, that the pig skin is not eaten before. You are right. The hell hound have a chance of drop them. I moved it to the unlimited category. In this case, the amulet is also unlimited. Very nice to know. I am not sure ... get you 100% of resources back if you use the hammer? But hammer is only constructed with rocks, not with gold. So there is still a limitation in this case.
  2. Hi all, I thinking about the current stand of the economy of Don't Starve. This new release with first winter options, for now it is only looking, but possibly it will hit the economy of the game more harder in the future. So I make a list of the current resources and think about its availability. So please tell me, if you think some of the resources have a other state so far. The states I use for the analysis are: limited - This mean from the beginning after generating a world the amount have a fix maximum and you and the game will never create new ones and you can lower this resource to zero e.g. rocks in the world. unlimited - This mean, there is a way that this resource will never exhausted if you are protect it and you not destroy the source e.g. berries. true unlimited - This mean, you have no option or possible way to exhausted this resource, because the game will generate it endless new or the source in unbreakable e.g. seeds or pig king. Limited resources Collect: fireflies, flint, mandrake (inventory), rocks (inventory), trinkets NPC: beefalo, ghost, pigs, tentacle World: berry bush, grass, graves, rabbit hole, rocks (world), sampling Unlimited resources Collect: beefalo wool, berries, carrot, charcoal, cut grass, fish, fruits, gold nugget, log, manure, red gem, silk, twigs NPC: bee, gobbler, Krampus, rabbit, spider, tree guard World: evergreens True Unlimited resources Collect: beard hair (Wilson only), cut reeds, egg, flower NPC: butterfly, frog, hound, pig king, small birds, tall birds World: ponds, reeds, tall bird nest Few questions you probably have about some classification. Why is Krampus limited? Because the thinks you can do to be bad are limited to graves (limited resource) and killing birds or rabbits. Birds and rabbits are possibly unlimited. But for killing you need a spear or a tentacle spike and flint and tentacle are limited resources too, so it is possible that you can not be bad in the long run. Most important for unlimited play is, will you get food and something for fire? Because axe is possible with gold so the tree cycle for log can be endless. Only important is, that you have twigs left, that need no manure. Why? I am not sure how long you are able to get manure. You get manure only from beefalos that are limited and by pigs, that also limited. So it depends if you can make one of them alive in generally. Also if manure can possibly exhausted, you can not farming anymore and you not able to fertilize berry bushes. In my thinking, yes, you can survive endless because you can get endless gold only via fishing, so you need spiders for silk and twigs. Booth is possible unlimited. In this way you can get logs and something to eat. What thinks possible in endless play not endless possible: Farming - Because you run out the manure sources. Killing NPC - Because you run out of flint and tentacles. Berries - Only if you replant all bushes. What do you think? Can you play endless ... how long you need to play to come in this state ... 200 days? this mean you need to play a single game more than 26 hours. Best regards cautys Edit: Move Krampus from limited to unlimited resources, because you can still kill rabbits and birds with a golden axe too. Edit2: Move red gem from limited to unlimited resources, because the hell hound have a chance to drop this.
  3. OK, if you say so ... but then the option that is can cooked on fire looks a little bit strange because you loose the same amount of points that it will saturates you. And why the much poison will gone complete if it is cooked in the crock pot. If I remember correct is there no difference if I put monster meat or cooked monster meet in it.
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number 70535 Issue title Cooked monster meat cost much health Steps to reproduce Cook monster meat and eat them. Describe your issue If you got a monster meet and eat them, the health will lower for 5 points. If you cook them, then the health will lower ca. 33 or 34 points. Is there a good explanation why this monster meat should be so deadly after cooking.
  5. Hey, this was very nice ... my first meet with the dogs. They hunt butterflies for me, and my first kill of the dogs is also documented in the wiki ... yeah. And the butterflies help me healing again.
  6. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 70039 Issue title Gold nugget and grave outside the island Steps to reproduce Nothing done by me, it is part of the generation of the world. Describe your issue I have only a picture that a grave and a gold nugget lay outside the land, so that I can not access this. But I can not add the picture there ... insert image option is not available ... so I will add it with a answer to this report.
  7. Some more information added. A first overview of all possible things that can be constructed is complete now, I will bring this in more details in the next time. I am not sure, but the foot to ball hat should be in the dress menu ... I could not find it. I will see if I can tomorrow add some info for resources you can find in the world, so I can play again more in the game.
  8. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 70039 Issue title Invent things without have a science machine Steps to reproduce 1. Have some science points stored. 2. Have some items that not invented yet. 3. Start a new game. 4. Click or double click on one item that is still not invented. 5. The item will invented without need to build a science machine or a alchemy engine. Describe your issue I start a new game on revision 70039 and look to the new fight items, sleep dart and bee mine, to look what they need to build. As I open the fight menu the booth was signed with the red lock. As I click on it, I am not sure if I click on it and click a second time to invent or it directly invented on the first click on it. But I do nothing in this new game before, so I think the invent of new items should only work near the associated machine until you change the research system into something other.
  9. You are right ... possibly I will switch to German. I will test out the translate extension for the wiki on the weekend. So possibly the pages can be in German and English ... and what ever languages want from the users. This would give more flexibility and easier writing for me. I not look so much at the user in the forum, so I am not sure how much German there.
  10. Hello, I start playing Don't Starve few weeks ago and enjoy the game. After some playing and looking around the forum I decide to set up a wiki for the game and collect some useful information to bring it in a more nicely and clearly way to use. One reason is surely I enjoyed the game. But there also more points to bring up a wiki. First I want to raise my knowledge on how to use a wiki and as second practice my English a little bit. One point I want to clarify is, if a wiki with some images and information about the game nicely accepted from klei entertainment or there are some restrictions that should be keep in mind, when i wrote some information there? One question I had is hopefully solved in this thread. I will try it out, so that I can collect all information for the wiki. One thing I see was a thread, there was a thinking to change the research plan. I think this is still in progress? I know a wiki is mostly to be intended to work on it together. But for know I don't know how long I will do this and how this all will ongoing. So if you want to edit in it, do it on your own risk. In the next weeks I will set up some basic structure for the wiki and transfer information from the forum and my own game experience into it. So please for the beginning, before you will do much edit in the wiki, please give me feedback, make suggestions or bring out some mistakes. Thanks. Kindest regard cautys PS: After I setting up the wiki, I see that already one other wiki was started. But I like to do things in my own way and I don't like pages with advertisement.