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  1. iv found that only one of the farm plots is needed to be fertalised and was thinking 'surely it makes more sense for them all to have to be fertalised.' i understand maybe speedy and turbo should require longer before they have to be fertalised but iv used the turbo and speedy plots alot and have not had to fertalise them once...
  2. i like this idea and i think it should be implimented at some point maybe use 4x rocks 2x gold nugget and gunpowder if implimented? only problem being how would the mechanics for it work? lighting it with a torch? or detonates after a few seconds of being placed? plus what about damage to the surrounding enviroment? surely if bombs were added it would have to add a whole new factor the game?
  3. i think that a multiplayer aspect would cause more people to want to buy the game anyway... at the moment iv showed my friends this game and most of them would of bought it but as there is no multiplayer fell they would get bored quick so haven't. surely a multiplayer aspect would get more of your friends wanting to play it with you and ultimatley get the game more money?
  4. i understand that they might never include multiplayer but they mentioned including somthing to do with multiplayer it's more of a matter of what it is because it wont be a co-op...