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  1. They should either be toned down to stop chasing you after you make a reasonable distance away, or they should respawn.

    I didn't even steal an egg yet, but merely getting too close got one on my tail I couldn't shake, so I had to kill it. =/ They're not all that tough, but I don't like ruining that source of eggs, as tallbirds are already scarce...

  2. Nope, its the Circle-Wall of Pig houses.For me that's 'glitching' and yes it takes away the fun, besides in the hotfix they 'fixed': 'You can't place buildings and trees as close together, so that you can't build ad-hoc walls'

    So everyone was told to delete all their prior progress and throw it away? He was still surviving, so I don't see why he should have to be penalized for doing something pre-hot fix.

  3. I've always been kind of conservative with my charcoal gathering, so I don't run out of trees. I'd harvest only the largest trees for wood, then take the multiple pine cones they drop and split them up, half for replanting and half for charcoal production. I'd plant a group of tiny trees and burn them immediately, as the smallest trees don't provide enough resources to be worth cutting, and the larger ones promote reforestation with multiple pine cones along with yielding more wood.

    But then I got to thinking that if large trees yield multiple charcoal for a nominal investment of time, why wouldn't you wait it out? So do they? Or does my current tiny tree burning method work best?

    I would test it myself, but I'm not near my gaming PC atm.

  4. I get around this by having multiple computers to play from. A desktop, a laptop, and the computers at a friend's house since he never uses Steam. Although I'm nowhere near the days where you'd contemplate suicide. I'm around day 30 or so on my original game, and have spent my days amassing charcoal and morsels, for when I eventually go nomad in search of the pig king, as my flint stores are dwindling.

  5. What I've played of it, I'm loving the fix. The recipe adjustments are awesome. The spear needing rope makes more sense too.

    But are burnt trees supposed to drop pine cones? I'm getting one about every 4 or 5 trees I burn. Not that I'm complaining...<_< 2 charcoal lasting well through the night is awesome. As Soon as I find the pig king and sell my soul for some gold, I'll start being a nomad after I build a charcoal supply.

  6. wow, thats a lot of changes. to see how this will work in the game will surely take a lot of time, but the list looks really good for now. I like the reduced pig skin droprate, and balancing it right away with the lowered costs. really good move, now let's just hope that these changes will go well with the gameplay :)

    oh, and if it's not asked too much, could you also add the fuel stats of the char coal? I always wondered how good this item is compared to woodlogs. thanks in advance!

    Oh yes, I'd love to know how much better charcoal is as a fuel source!

  7. Don't kill the Beefalo. As of now, they don't respawn, and they just drop meat I believe. Pigs also drop meat and respawn from their houses.

    Wait until night and click on a sleeping beefalo with a razor. It will shave it, giving you beefalo hair, which I think you can use to make a hat.

  8. ALso another thing. If I get to day 6 for example but decide to leave and play it again later, is there a way to save that progress?

    If you mean leave like quitting the game, then yeah. When you start the game back up just hit continue, and the game will pick back up from the last save. Saves happen twice a day: when night turns into day, and when day turns to dusk.

  9. I'm currently not very far into my first liveable game, but I guess I'll share a newbie's perspective.

    I spawned next to an enormous bunny plain, with natural grass being very plentiful, and not much else in the way of food around. I believe I've only seen 4 or 5 berry bushes, and carrots are random, as are seeds. So my main source of food is delicious rabbit morsels. Pre-nerf, I would have been fine using almost no grass, due to the attacking exploit.

    Now though, I'm using running through about 7 traps every 2.5 days (assuming 2 catches per day, 5 uses per trap (sometimes birds increase the number of catches)). That's 56 grass every 2.5 days, or 23 grass, just on traps per day.

    There is also rope, which is needed to make the log suit. I think it's 4 grass per rope, at 4 rope per log suit, right? I'm still on my first one after 5 days, but 3 packs of hounds and a visit from Optimus Pine combined with my newbie skills means that I'm currently down to about 30% on my suit. That means that given my current skillset and relative avoidance of monsters I'd run through a log suit roughly ever 7 days. At 16 grass per suit, that's a bit over 2 grass per day, which for the sake of not finding partial grass, I'll call 3 grass per day.

    Grass is also used in torches, which I use to venture out and reset my traps at night, since there are no monsters near my bunny fields. I also forage for more materials as well, and make charcoal via campfire (my computer won't let me light trees with a torch for some reason) so that I can grab it in the day. 2 torches per night, at what, 3 grass per torch? That's 6 grass each day on torches.

    I also use grass as my main filler in my crock pot, as it's the most abundant thing in my current area (I'm actually hurting for sticks, and I use all my extra pine cones for charcoal trees). 3 filler per cook, at 2 cooks per day is 6 grass per day, if I'm making stew.

    Per day grass use:

    23 - Traps

    3 - Log Suit

    6 - Torches

    6 - Crock Pot Filler


    38 Grass Per Day

    (If some of the recipe amounts are incorrect, sorry, as I've only played a couple hours and I'm at work, so I can't check in-game)

  10. My first attack was around the 6th night, and about once a week from thereon. Just forces you to keep a log suit on you in case of a wolf attack, but if you have a log suit and a spear it's not a big problem. The biggest threat normal hounds pose once you have proper fighting gear is if you don't get a fire ready for the night in time to fight them.

    My first instinct wasn't fighting or running. There were 3 of them, and they were on top of me before I was out of my science machine research menu. I was dead before I could run. I had no way of knowing they were in the game because none of the LP's I watched were on the current patch, and I couldn't find release info anywhere (didn't know the patch notes and whatnot fell under general discussion here). I mean, thinking about dying to them now is pretty laughable as they're attacks are easily predicted, and they're distracted often by just about anything. I saw one attacking a sapling earlier. But to someone literally on their first life who didn't know that they existed, then fight or flight may not even be an option.

  11. It's just tedious. It took around 20-something hits with a spear, over the course of like a third of a day. <_<

    Dodging and countering him is easy, but damn it takes forever. Doesn't even drop that good of a loot pile for how long he takes to kill. Maybe he could drop graveyard stuff? It's not really worth bothering for one meat and 5 logs. I would have calmed him, but all the pine cones were on the ground around his spawn.