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  1. I think i got a total of +/- 70 days and i unlocked the girl after Willow and i'm still nowhere close to the fat bald guy. so it's probably quite a lot.

    I'm also interested to know if for example; you play a full 50 days and then die gives more exp. then when you survive 5 times for 10 days.

    Yes, XP growth is exponential, as difficulty is. 100 days survived is worth more than 2 individual 50 day games.

  2. I'm in the 70's. Was struggling to keep up my supplies since the krampus update, because my main food was rabbit trapping, so I started farming, and realized I was way too far from poop, so I headed of in search of and found beefalo. Killed two of them for enough meat for 3 effigies and if I had to guess I'd say I'll live forever so long as I'm not an idiot. Or at least until winter comes and wrecks crops.

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    Bees never leaving their hive.

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    None that I know of, besides normal play.

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    I've seen bees a total of one time in my game, very early on. I went about my business ignoring them as I didn't have the materials needed to harvest them. When I get to the point that I need the bees, they won't come out of their hive, ever. I've done everything from planting flowers all around the hive to leaving that area of my map for a day and still nothing. I've never attacked a bee either. Please help.

  4. I know the fuel length time varies widely between updates, but I've been thinking.

    If any tree only yields 1 charcoal, and the largest trees yield 3 logs, what is better for fire? Are 3 logs better than one charcoal? Along with the fact that the biggest trees also yield 2 pine cones, for further fuel farming later. I have a chest full of logs, but I've been saving them for logsuits, and instead doing controlled farm burns for charcoal. Then again the largest trees take a hefty toll on your tools (the wiki, which I'm not sure is up to date, says 15 swings), where burnt trees for charcoal take 1 swing.

    As it stands in the current update, 2 charcoal will last you the whole night, but you won't be getting much of anything done. For log users, how many does it take to get through the night (starting only when night does, not dusk, and only fueling when the fire is about to die to ensure minimum requirements)?

    If someone has the spare time to dedicate to this query for science, I'd appreciate it. (I'd do it myself but I'm not near my gaming PC)

  5. Mr. Krampus must not be all-seeing then, because saving up for the times when I'm not on his naughty list, I've been stuffing live bunnies into backpacks after trapping them, that I may kill them with impunity at my leisure. Since he only gets angry at the kill, I can amass bunnies, then mass kill them, then live off my farms during times of niceness. :twisted:

    Although I'm not sure if I'm really worried about it, as I've slaughtered a whole pig village, about 10 bunnies, and 2 beefalo since the update (to restore my broken meat effigies) and haven't come across him. I'm curious though, will he spawn near you or your camp if you're away from it?

  6. Yes, hounds days vary, yet your rabbit catching isn't even legit. The EASIEST way to catch rabbits, is to go opposite of their hole without alerting them and just pressing attack on them. Because of their bad ai, they'll just run to the hole and you can cut them down. 9/10 this works.

    Isn't legit? Do you know what that word means? And the pathing attacking has been nerfed with the latest patch. Any nearby rabbits to the one you attack will immediately dart to their holes. Have fun getting more than one at a time.

  7. He acts when you act naughty. You slaughter 50 rabbits... You get your stuff stolen. But just remember, We all thought dogs were going to be the end of the world based on what kevin was telling us. The days didn't really get harder to survive as time went on. Once you're past 100 they seemed essentially unchanging.

    Either way you're not meant to keep your stuff. You're meant to progress forward in the story keeping only what you can carry. You guys gotta used to the idea that you won't be keeping anything you have right now. It's beta.

    I don't see how hunting rabbits for food is naughty. Maybe lighting the rabbits on fire, or smashing pig houses, etc, but not simply hunting...

  8. Hounds aren't assured to come on day five. My first hounds came on day 4, were a pack of three, and 2 of them were hell hounds, and when you're following a guide's advice for survival that can mean certain death. Also, the rabbit trapping method isn't optimal. Placing the trap on top of their hole requires no bait and guarantees a catch upon dusk, or morning. Rabbits also move randomly, so setting a line of traps with one baited one at the end doesn't necessarily mean you'll catch them all, unless the holes are all in a line and none of the rabbits have worked their way around the final trap.

  9. Especially since the traps don't seem to trigger unless standing within sight of them.

    Also not true. Traps will trap animals off screen. I've been a rabbit farmer for my main source of food and gold this game and I'm almost never on the same screen as the traps except when resetting them.

  10. Yup, traps are quite useless.

    It's way quicker to let the rabbit get out, and attack him from behind.

    Not true. Currently any rabbit that is attacked within sight of others will send them scurrying to their holes.

    I find that the best method for bunny farming is to make a ton of traps, place them over the holes in the evening right before night, then harvest the bunnies when they emerge in the morning. Then you can immediately replace the traps before new ones spawn and the cycle will almost certainly repeat itself if you're using enough traps. I get around 20 morsels using 7 or so traps on my farming days.

  11. Does this mean there's an extra step in rabbit-farming, or am I throwing the poor live creatures onto the fire for the pig king's sacrifice? And will the smallbirds grow up? Tame, or trying to murder you? Does this mean tall bird eggs are infinite now? And seeing as how Krampus was hinted at in the last teaser video, but wasn't introduced until this update, I think the same can be said for the spider queen. Spiders were much too easy, so now there will be an actual threat.

  12. Yeah, this will surely bolster the game's sales, as thousands from the Minecraft crowd which the Yogscast holds a great stake in will see it.

    However, I found this game through Etho. Then he mentioned that he got it from Generikb, and I went to watch his. Then more youtube searching found me Totalbiscuit and all the others playing it.

    The devs certainly deserve it, though. All this content already and we're barely halfway there? I'm loving my game, and can't wait to see what's coming next.