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  1. Hey log on steam, lets do business.

  2. @Chryogenic Thanks, Smooth trade =)
  3. Sorry, not interested in neither of these. Thanks for offering.
  4. I would prefer minecraft gift code than account, and I have no interest in Binding of Isaac nor Abe's / Munch's Oddysee. Sorry. Thanks for offering.
  5. sorry, but i am not that interested in Smite =( thanks for the offer
  6. [Graphics] Lighting/fog bug

    i think its suppose to be the grave fog
  7. Tall Birds!

    you will get free food if a tall bird's nest is near to a rabbit's nest, it will keep killing the rabbit when a rabbit appears. Every day I can get like 4-5 rabbit meat without having to spend time finding them
  8. I have a few extra copies of Don't starve (Steam) Don't starve (Chrome) I am finding for : Faster Than Light Minecraft Bastion Machinarium Or offer me, if I am interested I will trade with you =D Interested in Strategy / Survival / Puzzle Games Not interested in : DotA 2 Binding of Isaac Abe's / Munch's Oddysee Airmech Starvoid or any DotA like games. *I know I am very fussy about games, that's why I have very little game in my steam account =p
  9. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number I can't find any version number =/ Its the newest Issue title Unlock Item Without Science Machine Steps to reproduce 1) Gain enough research point 2) Move away from science machine 3) Click any locked item Describe your issue Not sure if this is intended, it will unlock the item even if you are not beside a science machine. It will still deduct your research point though. Edit: I am pretty sure it is a bug. It will also work when you click an item that only can be researched by an alchemy engine when you are standing beside a science machine.