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  1. ohhh you have to go global setting to turn it off i thought it was program setting since it was connected to the game ok thanks for this
  2. i did the same thing with that post but nothing changed my graphic card version is 306.97 Gtx 670 i had no issue when they did the first update but since then i have been encountering many problems
  3. nope doesn't work for just gives my whole screen black and does nothing til i have to press esc to reset it
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Graphic goes haywire Steps to reproduce open steam play game graphic goes haywire plus bad resolution Describe your issue I have now encounter this problem i am unable to play this game for 3 weeks now since the black screen now that have been fixed i now encounter this problem. when i change the resolution the resolution to 1366x768 the buttons are out of place and this didn't happen before here is the what the ingame looks like with the graphic all messed up
  5. WOW that fixed it for me so it must be the resolution for it CHEERS MAN! THANKS FOR THE ANSWER Edit: also found out you can't change resolution back even with alt enter if only goes 640x 480 only and enable fullscreen
  6. I just check through the troubleshoot that you provide the link and it still the same thing My spec is i7 3770 8gb ram geForce 670gtx
  7. even with that i still get that problem anything els?
  8. nope i dont have that problem it just black screen and when click the black screen takes to the steam search button
  9. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Black screen when loading up Steps to reproduce open steam and comes up with black screen Describe your issue after the update nothing works when i open the game through steam it comes up with a black screen with the main menu music but when i click the black screen it takes me to the search bar in steam about klei entertainment i would send a picture but some reason the account doesn't let me.