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  1. No problem, I always like to see suggestion threads that change/add some big, core gameplay elements, more so then the threads that generally fall under the "add more stuff" motif. The game is still early on... of course Klei is going to add more food/crafting/monsters before release.
  2. I like this idea, I've always wanted the tent to do something more than it already does, and this seems like a good little addition. I like these ideas too, although your description of Wendy's is vague haha. Every ability she unlocks could only apply to Abigail, where Abigail will show show up more often, be stronger, she will sometimes appear solely to aid you in combat (even during the day for the brief moment of combat?), she'll leave clouds of poison around her (killing your crops/grass/flowers/trees, but also can harm enemies) And Wilson's would have to be changed since research points are going away Soon. I've always liked the idea that Wilson is a completely immoral scientist, and that's why he's banished to this hell, for all the terrible things he's done to animals and people in the name of science. Maybe the hammer for Wilson could grant 'alchemical-y science' properties, where he's able to break things down into their 'secret magic elements.' Say you beat on corpses (or live?) rabbits and birds, and you get strange drops out of them, like whole vegetables, or tallbird eggs, or gold nuggests. As he gets more experience, his hammer could hit bigger and stranger things, like rocks, spider nests, tentacles, tallbirds, beefalos, treegaurds, Krampus, and sometimes maybe get even rarer drops out of them?
  3. It looks like you guys have had the same kind of thoughts I've been having : http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?4405-Seeds-Wild-Plants-and-Farming-Overhaul-Suggestion That's kind of what I'm saying, with carrots and potatoes and things being very low yield, but low risk and filling for a very short bursts, and higher risk plants, like fruit trees and such that you have to explore for, being higher yield (but still not permanent). Exactly how I feel! I feel like part of my suggestion too would help balance out between the exploration focus and the 'farmville' play style. You could play farmer for only so long before you have to go out and search for more plants to grow, and would change where you head to explore based on the seasons. (or you could exclusively forage and hunt - high risk, high reward - completely skipping the whole hassle of my farm/plant idea)
  4. This bug happens quite often in my steam version, with items dropping and floating out over water, both on the large surrounding ocean, and on the few smaller spots of water inland. Also, probably related, a few trees have spawned in my new world over tiny holes of water inland since the update.
  5. This. This is how I've been playing since the update. I like it, it feels closer to 'real survival' to me - having to scavenge in the wild more, wait patiently for what you've grown, and making use of the parts of the hostile animals that you have to kill in defense. With the forums having been flooded with people saying it's too easy to find food previously, the Naughty & Nice trap updates have taken a step in the direction to make food harder to get (insta-morsels from traps made it way too easy to stockpile food). Veggie farmers, unite!
  6. rubikfan, do you still have any steam keys left? i'm looking for one for my girlfriend, and i have torchlight, nuclear dawn, and the fallout collection (fallout1, 2 and tactics). my profile is: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197977906405 add me if you're interested in any of those, thanks.
  7. Yup, we need some nuts in this game. I like finding carrots out in the field randomly, wouldn't it be cool to find some peanut plants while you're out and about too? Also, provided they add in some non-piney trees in the future, chopping down a deciduous tree could randomly provide a walnut. Maybe the hammer could gain another use with the introduction of walnuts... and going along with the mysterious/magical nature of this world... maybe you crack open a walnut and find a gold nugget or amulet or some other random rare treasure/resource? (If the trees walk in this world, who's to say they don't grow/collect treasure?) Nuts could go along with some of the squirrel/chipmunk suggestions I've seen too, meaning using nuts as bait, or the squirrels running up and stealing your nuts off the ground (maybe out of your boxes when you're gone from camp?). These nut ideas could differentiate themselves from berries a bit by being inedible when fresh, but once you've roasted them on a fire, finally become edible. Also, they could open up more recipes in the crock pot. Can anyone think of some other good ideas to do with nuts, or just some more nuts that would be easy to find?
  8. I agree.. rocks on boulders is weird, because that type of fungus doesn't live in rocks, but inoculates and lives in dead wood (also grass and dirt). I like your ideas on different kinds of mushrooms, mobius, but I think they should be rarely found in the grass, but more commonly found on logs on the ground. Wouldn't it be exciting if you cut down some trees, left the logs on the ground for days, then come back to that area and there was a flush of morels growing out of them?! Obviously it couldn't be every log you drop on the ground, but... so many recipes could open up with mushrooms in this game!
  9. I entirely support the idea of bridges and/or boats/canoes. As you can see... I have to go through AN EPIC JOURNEY FRAUGHT WITH PERIL AND THIN PATIENCE to get to very important things in my world. I know it wouldn't be easy to put the bridge/canoe mechanic in the game, but i trust that these guys can absolutely do it well! ...please do it... EDIT: i ended up starting a 2nd camp on that last island with the 2nd beefalo herd. treegaurds got me, now i have to make that journey flint-less and tool-less
  10. I had this same thing happen to me - it looks like the new bloom is acting strange with the old fog effects of the graveyard areas. Seems to get brighter and brighter exponentially upon itself, then it will just disappear. The really bright fog disappeared, and now there's no fog or any effect at all every time I go back to that graveyard area.
  11. This is true, also works with butterflies. Makes getting fireflies way too easy.