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  1. I can't play :(

    Thanks for the welcome. I've been browsing around the forums and have learned some good tips here and there. My longest day was 21 days and then i fell into a sea of spiders...was testing how strong pigmen were and went to a level 3 spider nest and got pushed inside and then died.
  2. I can't play :(

    Thanks I'm new and so I was looking around and didn't know where to post this. I tried to look at my program files through the C:drive and couldn't find any file for steam :/
  3. I can't play :(

    I updated my Don't Starve for the recent update and then afterwards I wasn't able to play. I've been trying to get on every few hours; thinking maybe my laptop just needs to do something? I launch it from steam and I start to hear the intro music for a second and then I get a message saying dontstarve_steam.exe has stopped working. Then it told me that there was a problem and that windows will notify me if there is a solution. Afterwards it makes me close the program...any suggestions on what I should do? I've tried uninstalling it multiple times now and creating a shortcut onto my desktop.