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  1. I have to say I liked it much better when the night-biter (IE the mysterious sounds and source of damage that occur when stumbling around in the dark) could kill the player in two attacks. It was scary that way. Getting trapped out of reach of an un-lit firepit (with no supplies to build a new light source on the spot) or panicking as you tried to remember where you stashed your fuel... that was stressful in a fun way. I load up the game after installing the new update and Soon find myself in one of those tense night-time situations (I was too distracted testing out the new stuff! ... and fighting with my spiders) but when the dreaded Night-Biter strikes.... I lost less than ten health. ... He's more of a Night-Nibbler now, isn't he? Please restore him to his former glory! P.S. It would also be nice if the time between warnings and attacks was randomized a bit. It's so measurable, currently, that you can safely chop trees just outside of campfire-light-range 'cause you know exactly how many chops you can make before you have to step back into the light. Making it more.. unsure... would also make the Night-Biter more fearsome. P.P.S. Yeah, I'm trying pretty hard to coin a term here. Night-biter!