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  1. lol 100+ views and no replys. :>
  2. Since I have just purchased the game I'm doing a giveaway of the other product key. That's really all the links below.
  3. Yet again, as people have said make sure to cook your food. Berries are pretty good when cooked, also wait to eat the eggs until you really are actually down a good amount of hunger. Falcin
  4. Ok, before I go off on some rant I'm not complaining, I'm just asking about something. I guess this could be seen as a suggestion but when/if is multiplayer going to be added? This game would improve soooo much if you could play with other people/friends. Tanks, Falcin
  5. Now I know this may have been mentioned before but, I think fences or something of the sort should be added so you can protect your "base" better. These could be seen to ruin the survival feel of the game so maybe they would be hard to craft. If you have any other suggestions for something like fences, reply to this topic.