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  1. I like how Kevin naturally turned to exemplifying how he can make something the player really wants in fact have evil downsides. Jolly Good!
  2. The RP system did seem a tad inexplicable... I could also get behind just resetting all research each game and keeping characters. I don't feel I would ever want to remove characters I've unlocked now that I think about it. The unlocking of items could use some re-balancing in that case then since it could take an extensive amount of time to reach a high tech level every playthrough. However it's always a good goal to achieve luxury items so they should remain difficult to obtain.
  3. I guess the devs could contemplate how to make a hardcore type game more hardcore, huh?
  4. I can appreciate the anti-turteling measures; definitely more of an rts concept. There are indeed already barriers you can use to protect yourself now with pigmen and the recent implementation of personal bee swarms and mines.
  5. I think that would be a decent idea; sort of like a perimeter wall. That would work well so long as they were temporary in that they could be destroyed by "unfriendlies".
  6. Perhaps the upgrades could evolve into a system out of something such as Starcraft where you have your base structure and then you extend on it for bonuses. Adding the crock pot upon then fire pit is a perfect example! It adds the benefit of cooking better food on top of having a source of light. Maybe then it could expand to where you have multiple options of what to add to a structure. It could also be a decision where you forfeit one expansion for the sake of another to suit your own play style. Of course then there's the question of how to implement this. If you're adding something to an existing structure, you would expect to upgrade it directly from there, so how would that tie in with research? Well that would probably be remedied by making the ability to expand on a structure a research option from the science machine/alchemy machine. Then you could freely add your desired structure to a building. If the alchemy machine were to be an upgrade upon the science machine, that could very well be a way to make structural expansions available for research! Then the option could show up to the side of the object you've already researched.
  7. I can only remember one suggestion at the moment, but that is: the ability to reset all game data. This includes items, research points, characters; basically everything extra the player has acquired through their course playing the game. I believe it would be quite interesting after a while to simply play with a clean slate again. Of course doing this on accident could cause a lot of grief, so it would be less rage-inducing to also include the ability to save one cache of these features. Then the player would be able to go back to a previous state of experience if it so happened they in fact did NOT want their entire save reset permanently.
  8. The hounds are fine to me. They caught me off guard by like day 5 as well, but I was able to handle them with the spear. If anything should trigger it, it ought to be ample research. For example, the player should have unlocked the spear and armor before hounds can spawn. That can happen relatively quickly, and the player would have ample resources to defend themselves. Possible tip for dealing with hounds: Let them strike first while backing off, then attack. Killing them quickly one by one as they appeared and fighting in this manner allowed me to survive while only taking one hit.