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  1. well, i guess im goin pig huntin then. any tips on takin on a pig?
  2. I know about rabbits but they give morsels, im taking about actual meat. also, How do you obtain pig skin?
  3. 1. Best way to increase health more than 3 or 4? 2. Easiest way to obtain meat? 3. How do you kill a ghost? 4. What are some good recipes for the crock pot? thanks
  4. what is the best way to go about attacking spiders? Also, i just found the pig king what should i do now?
  5. I have two that randomly came in the middle of the night. If you just keep running around, they wont be able to hit you Edit: easy way to kill them, wait til the chomp then attack. Only took 3 hits with a spear to kill him
  6. Okay, first, the questions: 1. How do you fertilize berry bushes 2. Best way to harvest bees. 3. I surrounded my campfire with trees and thats how i spend my night time, well, i was chopping a tree and a gigantic tree giant popped out and completely wrecked me. I had just gotten a good foundation, had a bunch of rabbit food, berries and carrots for at least 10 more days. Just want to know what it was and how to defend against it. 4. Why dont i have any pigs or beefalo on my map? 5. How do i obtain meat (not morsel) My Thoughts on the game I saw the game on a video on youtube and thought it looked kinda cool. So i played the demo and i liked it. I bought it a couple days ago and have been hooked. I love the challenge of having to set a goal each day and of course, dont starve. I also like that the inventory was increased. I'd like to either be able to boat through water or somethin. I think the days should actually be longer though. I'd like to have multiple games at once. Also multiplayer would be cool even though i know the game was meant to be solo. Overall, i really like the game