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  1. to easy to starve!

    I starved with a stack of cooked meat in my inventory.... I was busy trying to get back to my camp because I was out of something I needed for a torch and had almost no time left. I was so worried about getting to my camp that I ignored the fact I was starving. The starving got me first.
  2. Where is the bridge?

    I agree with this. I'd be all for a larger map with no bridges. Or just fewer bridges, the one I'm in now looks like a spider web and all of the bridges are almost as long as the width of the individual landmasses.
  3. get rid of hounds

    I set up my camp in the middle of Beefalo a lot of the time. If the hounds attack and a Beefalo or two are nearby you can run around the Beefalo to get them aggroed against the dogs. The Beefalo win every time.