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  1. Just a simple question, are there defenses in this game, like can I place a small barricade or wall or something to stop things coming into my small base, or do I just have to use trees which come and eat me during the night?... Maybe any fences?
  2. The hounds, ah yes, them things, I agree; I hate them, but I don't want them to be removed because it makes it more easier to win, I survived until day 16 when I got surprise attacked by a tree Hounds are easy to get away, just keep running and eventually they give up, go near some spiders, that sorts it out.
  3. Gamemodes I have recently bought the game and started playing it, and I played it for around 6 hours and I started to think of how it could be improved, so I came up with the idea of "Game-modes". Now this isn't what everyone is probably thinking right now, like oh yeah, 'Capture the flag'... Noo, what I am coming across here is meant to be something like Adventure and Survival. Here is as planned: Gamemode 1: Adventure: This gamemode will be the default, exactly how the game is now, survive as many days as you can, explore, hunt, and survive until you die. You are also able to receive EXP for your character. Gamemode 2: Survival: This would be different, you would start the world as you would in the Adventure, but once you die, you can continue to play and build up as long as you want until you get board. Using this mode would mean no EXP at the end as you are playing until YOU decide to quit, not the monsters which kill you. Gamemode 3: Apocalypse: This mode would be the same as the Adventure, but you only have to survive up to about 15 days, and once the 15 days is up you will have endless waves of monsters attacking you one by one during NIGHTS. You could either run around or setup a defensive base. But very night from day 15 and onward would be waves of monsters and it gets harder as the days go on. Daytime would also benefit with a 10% more time up until day 15. Difficulty: For the difficulty, here is what I think the difficulty options should be. I think these difficulty's should be added with specific options. Peaceful: On peaceful, you will spawn in the game with only animals or with monsters but they cannot attack you. You will be given two times as much food from the animal meat you are given from killing animals. Using this difficulty on the standard gamemode will give you NO EXP as you will be playing and less likely to be dying. Easy: On easy difficulty, you will spawn exactly how you would do normally how the game is now. The only thing that changes is that the monsters do 25% less damage to you and you hit 25% harder on them (Something like that). You receive 10% less EXP after the game. Normal: With this difficulty, the game stays how it is, no changes to its current system of food, damage and health. You receive the normal amount of EXP you get how the game is now. Hard: Using Hard difficulty, all monsters do 10% more damage, and have 10% more health, and monsters/animal drops give a 10% more chance of not dropping anything. You will receive a bit more EXP at the end of your games, about 5% more. Expert (Hardcore): With the Expert difficulty, this is as follows: Monsters do 10% more damage Monsters have 10% more health Monsters are 5% faster Night lasts 10% longer All monsters/animals give a 50% chance of not dropping anything You lose food 1% faster every day of the game (Day 1 = 1% less food, day 2 = 2%, day 3 = 3%.. Day 50 = 50, until day 50 then it stops and you will lose 50% food faster every day etc...) Spiders come out during day and scatter around for half of the day and return to stay at their base to guard it for the night. However, Spiders - Monster Meat gives 25% less damage to your health once you eat it. You will receive 20% more EXP after the game, and 50% more EXP if you survive to day 100. This may sound complicated in some way, but I hope you all understand, please give me your thoughts and opinions of this, do you like it, do you dislike it? Why, or how could this idea be improved?