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  1. So, killer bees are pretty neat. But they aren't counted towards the total of bees that you have for bee houses? Would be nice if it was either/or instead of just the normal bees.
  2. It sounds like your shift button is stuck or something. When you shift click items it gives the description of it. Never had it happen though. =P
  3. Same. I always start a game with getting beehouse asap, so when I "attack" a bee with my bugnet and break it accidentally I get pretty frustrated.
  4. This one has been happening for me since the last hotfix. It happens if you try to plant a pinecone too close to something else.
  5. Already posted this one =P http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?2630-Graphics-Extremely-heavy-fog-around-graveyards/page2
  6. Asus notebook G73Sw series Windows 7 Intel i7 8.00 gigs of RAM 64 bit OS Not sure if you need any more info =P
  7. Finally got some screenshots when it happened again!
  8. I was going to try to but when I relogged into the game it had fixed itself.
  9. This happened to me also but it was in my backpack when it stung me. I could also still hear the buzzing like it was flying around. When I put it in my chest and pulled it back out it stopped.
  10. I have that problem too. When I relog it fixes but I've already posted in the bugs and glitches area.
  11. You have to kills bees for them. I was a little depressed that the blow dart is a one time use though.
  12. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Extremely heavy fog around graveyards? Steps to reproduce Walk through graveyards Describe your issue I'm not sure if this is on purpose, but when I walk past large graveyards the fog is so heavy I can't see anything at all. I was chased through one by a tallbird and I couldn't see myself or the bird or anything. I could only hear it still chasing me. Well, I closed out of the game and reopened it during writing this and the graveyard didn't have any fog at all. Bug maybe?