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  1. Oh and sorry for the trillion posts. Mine is pc chrome version
  2. Maybe its just my computer I dont know. Figured it might be the fog issue but with snow this time. They will let us know eventually they are pretty good at answering the community
  3. I have a 512mb graphics card and 4 gb ram. Ive never had an issue before besides the fog. If its daylight in winter and it isnt snowing it runs fine but once it starts snowing it laggs bad or when im near areas with lots of objects. This is weird cause when they had the winter hat easter egg and id put it on it would snow and it never lagged.
  4. Mine also does this. Sorta like before they fixed the heavy fog issue. That made mine lag the same. It goes into slow motion when I'm near a lot of trees/objects with snow on them. I've only had this problem once and it was with the heavy fog. Hopefully this is something that gets fixed soon if its repairable?? Por Favor amigo!
  5. I would really like to be able to build a caveman style club cause I sometimes dont find flint for awhile. I also think it needs to be harder to find flint cause when i find it its all over the ground. Sometimes I dont get around to making a spear for awhile and a hatchet doesnt cut it sometimes for fighting. It could have the same decomposing rate as a shovel but same damage as a spear. It would make sense for the recipe to be a log but you need to find flint first to make a hatchet so I dont know what else could be the recipe.. Sorry if this has been posted or suggested many many times by people. I dont wanna waste my hatchet on fighting and it would make sense to have a low class weapon to be able to build right off the bat without making a science machine.
  6. I don't know if anyone has suggested this in other posts but I really wanna see a billy club. A caveman/Flinstones looking billy club. Sometimes it takes me awhile to find flint but I guess the only logical recipe for a billy club is a log and you need an hatchet to cut a tree down first. A guy can dream right??! It could have the same decomposing rate of a shovel but same damage as a spear.
  7. Mine hasnt been fixed. Loaded my game up today and had 0 research point and its back to scratch. Nothing unlocked. why oh why
  8. I like the potato idea and the other biomes as well. Would like to see lizard mobs as well! Needs more random growing veggies and fruit besides carrots and berries. Maybe ,if there were squirrels, you could watch them bury their acorns and dig them up!
  9. I agree. Like I have said in another forum I hope they add more "Chores" besides chopping trees and collecting grass and poop. It is still Beta so we have to wait patiently but i'm hoping they add some more things to make you actually plan out your moves more carefully or plan out your exploration trips to other areas. Essentially put more fear or "what ifs" in your head
  10. I'm hoping that they do something similar to what you've said here but not being able to make a house for one like a pigmen but rather you give a Beefalo and piece of grass and he then likes you(Like giving a pig some meat and he follows you) and your able to ride him around for better transportation
  11. Stocking up for food cause winter is coming sounds fun to me. I want exploring to be a fun and thought out process. What should I bring? will I run into a snow biome that is bare with no food? Should I bring more tools incase I come across a cave or something? Should I enter the cave or will Yeti come out and bite my face off? I want some more fear in a sense. All this assuming the incorporate caves and such LOL. I'm a dreamer!!
  12. Like the Yeti idea. Heck maybe you can make snowmen like in minecraft by collecting a pumpkin and snow and they will help protect or fight for you. Not saying I want this game to be like minecraft at all.
  13. I always thought they should take away the bridges that connect the islands together and make it to where you have to build a boat to travel to another place. Say make a beach and you'll know that right across from it is another island. It wouldn't be something where you have to click like you walk when in the boat rather it would just give you a loading screen instead. But I don't know might make it too frustrating to add this
  14. Also I wonder if they will add collecting water from a water source. I heard that they teased about adding something other than a health meter and hunger meter. Having to stay hydrated makes sense to me!
  15. More biomes would be awesome! I would love a snow biome with squirrels that when chased run into the trees. Removing the tool from your hand and shaking the tree to get them to jump out sounds like a great idea to me! - - - Updated - - - More biomes would be awesome! I would love a snow biome with squirrels that when chased run into the trees. Removing the tool from your hand and shaking the tree to get them to jump out sounds like a great idea to me!