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  1. Problem solved: Scrolling through the forum I found the following: delete all of the save files. On Windows, go to: C:\Users\[User]\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded and remove the save files and the *generation.dat files. Restart the game and start a new game, this worked for me! Cheers! M
  2. Hi, I just updated my graphic drivers, de-installed and re-installed the game, but unfortunately it just won't start a new game. The menu loads fine, but after generating a new world it crashes ("black hole ate my game"). I have been reporting the crash. See attached the output_log. Hope this can be fixed, I am eager to start a new world with the new mechanics!!! Can someone point me in the right direction? I'm trying to play on Windows 10, NVidia GT540M (Mobile), version 382.33. Thx in advance!!!! M Edit: I've also done a C++ 2015 redistributable update, as described in the sticky thread.... output_log.txt
  3. YES this is amazing, a brilliant addition! The generated map looks really beautiful and 'fluid'. Great stuff. And about the colors: I think the colors in the map are great. Even more: there could be some more color in the game, without losing the gothic cartoony feeling. Some lands are more gloomy, some more colorful (but not less dangerous ofcourse!) Yay this game is becoming better and better!
  4. Yes, good thing for Klei and the devs... Great! Discovered the game by watching Etho btw.
  5. Another vote for a high score table/survival hall of fame, as posted in! Wouldn't it be great to see that LadyD is still alive with 500+ days and counting? Besides a personal best, with your own records, an all-time record table with username, number of days survived, and still living entry. I think that would be awesome. Just another idea (besides multiplayer ofcourse ) EDIT: And as stated in another post, I would REALLY love to see multiple saves on one account. My 6-year-old son has been introduced and loves the game (who doesn't) but we have slightly different goals in the game, as you might understand
  6. Well put. I think this game could really take off, it is such a great concept. If the community is getting bigger and the sales are good, why not keep working on the game to make it even better (well, potentially a LOT better)?Protip: always create game engine with multiplayer in mind
  7. Already having a great time...! And made it to day 14, thanks to Aerow - and I totally agree: the nature of this game, the pace, the humour, and the developers being involved are all adding to the succes of this game. I am actively telling how great this game is to all my friends. I've just read the road map and even greater things are about to happen. I think KLEI entertainment could become a big one, Mojang style...
  8. Yes I totally agree with multiple game saves on one account. I don't mind the morning-evening save timer. But I showed the game to my son and he instantly loved it, but I don't want my 100+ day survival game to be at the mercy of my 6 year old boy. Not that I don't trust him ofcourse
  9. LOL I'm a guy... Yeah, just recently watched Paul Thomas Anderson's masterpiece and couldn't come up with something else. And no, I'm not that easily insulted I was already wondering... Why I got so much attention out here... Well, that's over now, nothing to be seen here, just another guy playing videogames. Please carry on.
  10. Thanks a lot! This will keep me more focused.... Man, seeing these screenshots full of chests, machines, farms and top hats make me really want to become better in this game. I will deliver that screenshot one day. Giving my word right now.
  11. Why can't I survive for more than 6 days. I have been starting this game over and over again. I've seen it all. Pigmen, buffalos, hounds, all sorts of birds, rabbits. I've been undressed by kings and I've seen some things that a woman ain't supposed to see. Just now I was a fraction of a second too late clicking on my fire pit, the darkness killed me... This game can be really absolutely frustrating. I hate it. I wanna make a better science machine. [Play game|Make new World|Get the f*ckin' grass again]
  12. Yes. Calves, hairy hats, agressive beefaloes. Never thought I would type anything like that in my life.
  13. Thx, daddy's gonna make himself a hat
  14. Thanks for the info! I have been playing this game for a couple of days now, just encountered this buffalo-type creature. My first thought: lots of meat! So I made myself an axe and attacked one. We fought a good fight, I deployed my hit-and-run-tactics, but the beast wouldn't die on me. Eventually I lost... So I tried a couple of times without succes. Does anyone know if these beasts are worth it? Are they beatable (within a day)? How many hits do they need to be killed? Do they give lots of meat? Thanks in advance!