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  1. Hey. I know that I'm probably not alone on this one, but it would be cool if we could have a 'Reset Progress' button, which would allow us to reset our progress in the game. Personally I hate the fact that I can't start over clean, I just have to play with the already researched items, or wipe them manually, which will get into a hassle, at least for me. A 'Reset Progress' button could save alot of players alot of hassle, or a 'Edit Progress' button, which would possibly allow us to make multiple worlds, all with different technologies, since it'll be easier to switch over. I'm sure there's more than me wanting this. Thanks for reading.
  2. no, you still have the research you've done. I dont want the research carried over, I want it to be as if I just started
  3. how do I know which number it is? (I can't find a 219740) so it has to be another number, or something?
  4. Hey. I recently died in my world, and I'd like to reset everything. how? With everything I mean: no research done new world etc. I use the steam version, but I what folder is the data saved in (path, anyone? Win7)