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  1. Mod cuasing DST to crash

    To autocompile your anim files you need to put your spriter file (probably "explorer.scml") and related folders/images in your exported folder. ...Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\mods\<modname>\exported\ Run the game once, and it should auto compile, then you can go back in and remove/delete the contents of exported. To create .tex you will need need the TEXtool to convert a png to a .tex As for the xml - you have to manually create that yourself. You can use a simple text editor like wordpad, (I prefer notepad++) and save with an .xml extension. XML The above example is for a single image file of 128 pixels by 128 pixels For the first measurement you want to start at pixel 1 or 1/128 ( = 0.0078125 ) and end at pixel 127 (= 0.9921875) If the Tex file had four images of 64 x 64 each, you would start the first at 1/128 and end at 63/128 and start the second at 65/128 and end at 127/128 If using more than one image/element in a single tex file, just add as many element "<Element ... />" lines as you need after the first one Hope that all makes sense.
  2. Adding Loot to Trees

    ok - this seems to work... thanks @SuperDavid and @rons0n Have a Happy New Year.
  3. Instead of AddCookerRecipe("cookpot", myfood) use this for k,v in pairs(myfood) do v.name = k v.weight = v.weight or 1 v.priority = v.priority or 0 end for k,recipe in pairs(myfood) do AddCookerRecipe("cookpot", recipe) end =-=- That's what I have in my mod and it works fine.
  4. Adding Loot to Trees

    @rons0n I may have spoken too soon - The code (below) works if I use c_spawn to bring in the prefab, but not for those naturally occurring in the game If I add "evergreen_sparse" it works, but adds the drop to all growth stages. .
  5. Adding Loot to Trees

    Thank you, that appears to be exactly what I needed.
  6. Hello, Ive been trying to add a chance for a fruit to drop from lumpy evergreen First attempt: which works for mobs, but apparently not for trees. So I tried this... Which is based on some code provided to me by @DarkXero some time ago... so I was making guesses at how to change it for my needs. And apparently guessed wrong, Nothing appears to crash the mod, but the guavacado fruit also never drops when the tree is cut down. Thanks in advance for the advice
  7. mods i lost ! help needed

    Craft pot? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=727774324
  8. New Shipwreck examination quotes

    Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\data\DLC0002\scripts\speech_wilson.lua

    There was one called 'where's my beefalo' that did something like that.. not sure if it worked with shipwrecked.
  10. I'm looking for someone who can code a new fruit tree to work in DS and DST The tree would have to go through growth stages, season changes, sway in the wind, react to hurricane, etc.
  11. I thought it was making soap
  12. Just wanted to say Kudos on the Outbreak update, I for one enjoy the update. I found it an interesting new challenge to overcome. I agree the auto-disinfect seemed broken, so I turned it off, it was easier to manage manually.
  13. [Game Update] - 220993

    Yes, and since the pipes are behind the painting you shouldn't see them. Ergo the 'bug' is that he feels the bubbles should be hidden as well. I was merely pointing out that the purpose of the overlay is to see the bubbles. He certainly isn't implying that he wants the pipes to render in front of the paintings.
  14. [Game Update] - 220993

    But if you don't see the bubbles, then it makes it hard to track the fluid movement.
  15. @Midrealm, sure! I can add the new tag images, don't exactly understand the difference between seafood and fish tho, is it about froglegs? :D As for inedible, really tough choice. Do you add 'inedible(alt)' tags into your recipes?
    RE: seafood - yes - froglegs, although other things could be added (I have been debating including seaweed).
    RE: Inedible - No - I just use 'Inedible' but I presented the alternate image for your use if you wanted. I hate for users to get confused about what is and isn't tagged a something.
    My thought was maybe you would know a way to config the mod to allow users to choose which set of images they wanted - or better yet automatically do so if both mods are installed (I have no idea if that is possible)

    I have so many tags because I try to make all my recipes use tags only, so that they can be compatible with other mods.
    This allows another modder to add a new food ingredient with a tag such as 'seafood' or whatever, and it would work to make recipes in my mod. If i used 'names' instead, it wouldn't work.

    RE: Square Image, so next possible size is 256x256.
    ~nod - I figured that out last night when I went to correct the missing Citrus tag. So I have already prepared an new version. Plus I added the tags I forgot and prepared alternate images for some other other tags, like dairy, fat, etc. that include food ingredients from my mod. Again - I'll let you decide how to best use them, if at all.

    " I'll realign the image, that was just FYI. "
    Hope you ahvent done so yet, :( I hate to waste your time, and I've got one ready to send this evening.