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  1. It is possible to catch them at day time too Just find some fireflies, get a bug net, go to the fireflies, spam space bar
  2. I bet using the controller is the most fun and I combine keyboard & mouse, sometimes when I'm lazy I solo one of them
  3. How the heck you have the import button ... -_- I dont have it either on Chrome or either on Steam
  4. I killed more than 3treeguards and I they barely hit me (one or two hits) you need to have spear + logsuit at least at day 7
  5. But I have the world files (latest, profile and restart) cant I just die and then import the world ? (I guess the import button will appear then)
  6. If I will delete my Chrome world, and get all the XP and all my research points, will my import button appear ?
  7. If I will delete my Chrome world, and get all the XP and all my research points, will my import button appear ?
  8. Still no import button on Steam Don't Starve - - - Updated - - - Still no import button on Steam Don't Starve
  9. I got to the game from Etho - - - Updated - - - I got to the game from Etho
  10. I bought the game on Chrome When you buy the game you get 4 codes right ? ( 2 for steam and 2 for chrome) So I used my chrome code and now I tryed the Steam one and I dont have the same world :/ I cant find the import button on Steam, I looked everywhere I didnt play the demo even once, first time playing I allready bought it
  11. When I open Don't Starve with Steam, I dont have any "Import" buttons When I click on "Play" or "Settings" I still dont have the "Import" button When I click on "Play" it will send me to characters select screen
  12. I downloaded these files into a new folder on my desktop I cant find the import button, not in-game and not in steam can you tell me please where exactly the import button is ? I dont have the import button like he does http://i.imgur.com/ntpwG.jpg I have "play" "settings" and "more games"
  13. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Performance] Platform Steam Version Number 69828 Issue title My Chrome world wont transfer to my Steam world Steps to reproduce I played the game in Chrome I opened the game in steam The world I made in Chrome didnt save Describe your issue So I played Don't starve in Chrome brownser and now I want to play it on steam too, so I took a steam key and put it on steam, now I have the game installed on steam, I entered the game and when I clicked on 'Play' I didnt see the word 'Continue' like I can see in Chrome. If it cant be fixed, can you tell me please if I get XP on my world in Chrome (By dying) will I have the XP in Steam too ?
  14. So should I survive 98days and then start a new world? Can you tell me please the formula for how much XP you get for how many days you survive ?
  15. Wow amazing!!!!!!!!! Make a world tour or something!!!! and I have allready died once because of these stupid hounds :/ didnt lose my world tho can you tell me please (if you know) what is the formula of the amount of hounds coming compared to how many days you are alive ?
  16. http://prntscr.com/ktioi http://prntscr.com/ktjoz Tell me what do you think about my world Btw I have died once (it is the only world I have made) and a question, I want to change my character skin (I even have a tent) but I dont have any other characters except for wilson, and its probably because I dont have enough XP to obtain them, so how am I supposed to change characters without deleting my world ?