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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Too many bees spawn from a bee mine Steps to reproduce 1. Create two bee mines. 2. Place both next to a fully-grown spider sac (possibly multiple?) 3. Goad spiders into attacking by hitting the spider sac. 4. BUG: When spiders appear, the mine(s) are triggered infinitely off one another and the spiders. Describe your issue I have two rows of six fully-grown spider sacs on the eastern edge of my island in what used to be a large graveyard. On the southern end are my three bee hives. I created two bee mines and placed them at the lower left foot of my spider rows. I brought out four spiders by attacking the lowest-left sac and dozens of bees began to spawn, not ending until I had a good two hundred bees on screen. Surprisingly, the game did not crash at all. I just have too many bees now, they are every where. This is a screenshot taken a day later, after the bees had spread out across my island: