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  1. i think the world should be made bigger anyway
  2. there are two locations i like to start off with my first base camp, allthough i build a base camp on pretty much every island just so i can travel everywhere without getting caught in the dark the prime location is the beefalo rabbit hole combo where i move some berry bushes to so you have manure for farms, berries for bait and if you plant some grass and twigs and trees you basically can stay here forever until you have enough resources to go exploring another good location is near tallbird nests since the tallbird egg cooked above your campfire is a treat way too good to pass up on, half health healer and a good stomach filler if i start off on either location i try to get basecamps on every island in what seems a good spot with allready quite some resources nearby and preferable near the middle of the island, allthough i take spider nests into account, if there are plenty of them i tend to stay clear so i dont have to kill them all off straight away and move them to another location
  3. Hi, i'm new to the forum but we can't stack food items that heal that much huh? never tried to cook a tallbirds egg into an omelette without the crock pot heals pretty much half your life and fills the stomach quite good, and i think u can stack more than 10.