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  1. a little bit of everything, i will have to kill u if i tell you lol....
  2. Since the nest update is quite far away and the Devs aren't here (or are they?) what are you guys doing?....i take a little break now an then, and farming and cooking to stock up for winter......=3
  3. Ppl turn OCD after a while, happen to all of us lol
  4. new map gen is really buggy, i don;t recommend it to anyone right now untill they fix it
  5. LOL tree wall doesn't work anymore but u can make a fireflies path lead out from ur base and make another camp fire so u go there at night and make it ur hound killing station =)
  6. that's all i make lol easy and sufficient
  7. idk seem to have more resources, or suppose to be without a bug, map is suppose to be smaller? but really those troll twisted bridges are just as long as normal one lol...i do like them though
  8. pan flute both and kill one at a time, keep pan flute them to sleep, thats what i did
  9. hit and run hit and run hit and run...sometime it's hit hit hit hit run hit hit hit hit run hit hit hit it? XD
  10. and that's gonna be a lot of stuff considering we are getting a lot of content as is
  11. exactly!...when it's working again i might start over
  12. i already started a new map but the new map is so buggy right now (no pig king) so i am waiting for the devs to fix the issue, so for now i am playing in my old world, and let c how long i survive with little rocks left =3
  13. yeah i mean i can make new map and all but i rather keep playing and c how long i can last
  14. pig houses? i made like 3 only and i have 6 turbo farm and im almost out of rock in my world=/ hopefully there won't be item coming that need rocks lol i have mayb 10 rocks left in my world XD..but i can make due
  15. i know it doesn't attack u, but i don't want 1000 bees on my map,it'a annoying - - - Updated - - - im not even worried about flint, but shet i'm running out of rocks
  16. i would use bee mine but after the buggy bees spawn, i don't really want to..i guess i will have to use it and hope that it wont glitch the fk out then
  17. off topic but the song is catchy. i love korean k pop <3
  18. im not sure...i never really use them untill now since im on day 200+ im getting 10+ hounds every 5 days or so,,,,just need to find a way to defend myslef, right now im using pan flute, beefalo is not much help anymore
  19. but the trap is almost on top of each other, i guess sometime they just don;t activate? and after the trap trigger, im atuclly not sure if u have to reset it or not...=/ i always reset mine
  20. .....can we get on the topic? cuz im also having this it a bug or something?