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  1. mine is not even that many and i i always have poops...i am on the beefalo land after all
  2. bye bye berry farming.....i must admit i c this one coming XD and i'm such a hoarder too the idea but i think the honey should be the same, it doesn't get u a lot of hunger in the first place anyway, the only thing that it is good for (by itself) is healing, which in my opinion is good because we don't really have anything that we can eat that heal a decent amount beside mandrake which is kind of hard to fine....if anything, nerfing bee box honey rate is a good way to approach this?.....guess i will start eatting the honey ham now lol
  3. well he asked XD just giving some idea if he want to do anything extra, but taking break is a good idea too...but if he want to keep playing then yeah...
  4. catch all the butterfly and decorate them around ur base =3, make a storage area, make tent city!...make more effigy, make second base, hunt tentacle for more spikes! a lot fo stuff to do
  5. u can never have too much food, the game is Don't Starve right? XD but yeah i did stop for a while cuz i got too lazy, and just taking a break and play other games, steam sale does help a lot hehe
  6. nope nothing in the trap, hit and run...rinse and repeat =D
  7. i can't tell you that it's a secret recipe.....and thank taking a break now =3
  8. i c atleast 3 thread about how to deal with the spider....i posted this on all 3 =3.....hope this help...hit the nest and run across the traps...1-2 might get through and sometime none at all...very effective p.s more traps = less chance of them getting through, this way u can farm their meat and silk also.... p.s.s im on day 300 now so i have the same set up but twice the amount of traps
  9. Day 300+, i stock up everything and organized it in the chest preparing for winter!
  10. how about twig and grass/ if u have lots of those then u can do this .......this way u will also be able to farm meat and silk, very active for me
  11. nah, i think the more u survived the harder it gets, if u get pass day 200+ u shouldn't even die with all the effigy that ppl make.....then again there will be more update so the game will probably be a little more balance for player who are not experienced yet......i find it easy now that i can't even die anymore, but that is just my opinion...not saying that you r wrong or anything =3
  12. this is how i deal with them, i find this the most effective way (in MY opinion) even with the queen u can kite the babies into traps and then panflute, then u have an easy kill....... p.s im on Day 300 now so it's like this set up but twice as much traps....grass and twigs are easy resources...try this and see if u it help
  13. im on Day 300, and yes the hounds battle are like the LOTR battle...but if u are carful enough then u can get rid of them real easy.p.s. tooth traps are soooo nor reliable =p.....i like using bait+panflute better
  14. well it's the exact same way like importing world, for me it's steam > userdata > some folder with number on it > folder number 219740 > make a copy of the "remote" folder and put it somewhere, start ur new game and whenever u want to jump back on the old one, just import it where u saved it.....and with the straw roll, i find it that if the monster is too close it won;t work...
  15. yeah thats what i'm doing atm too, don;t want to get bored on the game before the next updat
  16. Welcome, our fellow survivor =3
  17. i spend 90% of the time getting more resource and stock them, and then organized them with my storage area,,,,,just working on the base alone is very a busy tasking XD
  18. Day 300, my beefaloes have lost all interest in me and they are moving away slowly,,,,,sad Teemo is sad
  19. u can get winter by making a warm hat =) day 60+ will unlock wolfgang so if u want to play him, u should start over now and build urself up again for the update p.s winter hat doesn't have any major effects yet but the snow make it look really nice
  20. stock up for winter, reorganized the base, set up defensive place for hounds, farm spider, steal more tallbird egg, kill all the tentacle, farm more meat, make more effigy.....stuff like that lol XD and take a break now and then
  21. i have Garen/Rengarophobia atm and the doctor said that i have to stay away from bushes and tall grass =3 - - - Updated - - - it should be on top of the forum note =3
  22. MY BAD GOT NINJA'ED CHILL BRO...mod plese delete this thread...thx
  23. Happy New Year to my fellow survivors and to out awesome Devs that make such a good game!....... what r u guys New Year new year resolution is 1920 x 1200, which is a lot better than last year =3