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  1. He's stalking u waiting just for the right moment to oabgernbreobreunodnfnbeornero.........
  2. it can attack pigs and hounds.....that's all i use them for anyway....but yeah definitely work as a guard for hounds for sure, i kited them around the tree guard
  3. 330.....getting boring so i might start over depending if the new map gen will be fix in the next patch or not =p
  4. @_@....u guys imaginations are out of this world lol
  5. that make so much i thought i lost my sanity lol
  6. did anyone else just got an update cuz i did...randomly
  7. dear lord if we can make a will save so much time traveling int he new map! or mayby we can use turf for a dirt wall?,...most likely not but it will be pretty cool
  8. that would be pretty epic....hope there are more stuff to dow ith the turf.......and hope they will fix the new map gen....i really want to start over but the world is so glitchy
  9. lol smart!. i know someone would find a loop around it hahaha
  10. meat bait is very effective and it distract them...then use pan flute and kill them when they sleep
  11. meat bait + pan flute + pig village + treeguard + spider dens ....=3
  12. stomp doesn't grow back so go ahead and dig it out....u can grow trees by planting pine cone =3
  13. yeah once u get used to the survival technique then it will become easier =) and grats
  15. it does work but mostly doesn't might be because hounds are too big? so less chance of the trap getting activated....idk just a theory
  16. easy way to farm spider? put tons of normal traps around the spider nest and check it in the morning,,,,,u can also hit the nest and kite spiders around ur traps
  17. im on day 300+ and i usuallly put tons of tooth traps down and kite them around there, but it's not always reliable because it doesn't go off most of the can always kite them around spider dens or use pan flute
  18. nope once you put it down u can't move it unless u break it with the hammer
  19. i promised it will be okay....really, would i lied? -_0
  20. it is and yeah i'm on my 300 something and going to start over Soon, probably after the fix of the new map gen, and dear god, u have a lot of shet on ur base, i love ur gold idea, it's pretty