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  1. lol no....just balancing this hunger/ sanity like no tomorrow so if they connect those two, it will be Don't go insane more than Don't starve
  2. Saw it on steam, misread it for "Don't shave" ironically XD
  3. seeing all the 500+ hrs make me and my 300+ hrs feel so good lol
  4. you guys need to remember that the game is still in BETA, there will be a lot more of opportunity for Klei and the team to make this game harder....just chilled with the " make this and that harder " it's might be easy for us the veteran players but other ppl might not have the same skill of playing this game so Klei is trying to balance that...
  5. i didn't noticed this before but you can get max Wilson's beard at 12.......which mean u can make 3 effigy at the same time...niceeee p.s. i think that it was 9 at max before =)
  6. hmmm guess so, i will just kill all the beefalo so i can confirm that it drop...then regen new map =3
  7. does the beefalo horn drop from killing beefalo? or them pooping ? =/
  8. go on twitch tv.....lots of streamer there, they might not about update though
  9. Yayyyyy finally thank you kevin! time to hunt beefalo for some horn! P.S. steam update went live!
  10. it's buggy =p and wayy too many spiders...i think it need some adjustment a little bit
  11. the good thing is that ur food will be able to stack now so i have no problem with the spoilage, my honey hams not stacking filled up like 15 chests........i hate carrying it one at a time
  12. we all want it now...i'm actually not too sure cuz im in the diff time it's either in 6 mins or 2 hrs lol
  13. probably because the update is not live yet.....Kevin will post when the update is live......should be in 15 mins or so
  14. usually when there is an update going Kevin will post on the forum that the update is live! so keep checking the forum =3
  15. depend,,,,do we have to die to unlock the character still? if so then i will have to make a back up from my current file then die.....don't feel like loasing 300+ days....=p hope they will change that Soon