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  1. never thought of that! i must find this magical carpet...anyone can point me at the right direction?
  2. wow good to know that nice ppl are still around to help other!
  3. i still haven't got ingredients for the sleep dart and i heard thats it's only one use so i dont want to waste time making one just yet - - - Updated - - -
  4. or speed shoes or special buff that make us go a little bit faster on the bridge....
  5. dammm 301 days thats pretty good XD better luck next time bro! we should have a house!
  6. pure skills LOL....well this was when i was new to the game haha, i was running from him forever not knowing what to do >.< o btw how do u burn spider nest? do u make fire near it? cuz i tried atking it with the torch and it does burn =p.....i have much to learn
  7."] want to swim >.< and i want to eat him......dam u glitched bunny
  8. i think that would depend on ur world, i have around 5 to 6 hives in one island and just 1 on another so i think it's random for most will probably have to walk around and discover all the island around u..
  9. i hate bridges...byt the time u crossed one, u lost half the day time -.- quiet annoying
  10. im guessing u will just erase everything in the remote folder...not sure if that will work though=/
  11. im guessing they close off surrounding area and have a small openning to inside of the base...
  12. how hard is it to kill pig?? like how many hits and does it hurt u a lot?
  13. steam>userdata> find folder ''219740'' =)
  14. man u r lucky XD mine is not tooo bad i might upload it when i discover all the area, wished i have ur map hehe, right now the longest walk is to the beefalo field but the rest is alright hahaha do u have any bee hive? i don't c any
  15. i would rather have a smaller maps like urs than bridge,,,,,it takes forever to walk in this game, wished they have shoes option for speed >.<
  16. spider,spider,monster meat,tree man...and my fave Beefalo LOL, ofc this is when i have no idea what im i do >.<
  17. i know how to do the back up and all but my questions are 1. if you continue on the game (ie, from day 10) and make another save and wanted to use the lastest file(ie day 20), do you need to get a new file in a new folder somewhere? 2. what happen if you turn steam cloud sync back on? sorry if my english is bad >.< just want to make sure i don't have to start over if i accident messed up the file somehow