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  1. --also--Does nightmare fuel have any interesting uses? I still haven't gotten it but I kinda don't wanna enter the wikia spoilerific territory...aaaand my actual question:Any way to deal with beefalo early on? As in to kill one early playing Wilson?

    well, the sword do more dmg for to the shadow monster but i think it eat up ur sanity when u use it.....haven't try it out yet

  2. I have the problem that no beefaloes spawn, and the Savannas are ridiculously small.There are so many problems in this patch. :dispirited:

    i too have the same problem....i got around 3 patch of small Savannas and only 1 of them have about 6 beefalo but i can manage it i guess >.<.....big forest and grassland with tons of trees and that's about it

  3. well, you are alone on an island trying to survived with stuff trying to kill you.....adding sanity meter is just a logical idea.....the sanity meter doesn't make the game harder, just more challenging to manage and plan ur day accordingly and use the time wisely.....if u make a top hat, u won't even have sanity problem anymore =p.....surprisingly, ppl haven't been complaining that this patch are making the game harder.