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  1. make a tooth trap in a walled in area..hired pigs get fire darts, use boomerang...what else what will be so fun XD
  2. well hopefully the stream preview for the update will show us how it is....i'm sure if it's too hard or there's a bug, they will fix it right away just like last time.......
  3. well, if i have to make a new generated map, i will have to say good bye to my 1% glitched torch....i will miss u buddy =(
  4. yeah, that's why i didn't like the new map gen's either u lack something really bad or u have way too much of everything...just make the map look really messy.....and u really don;t need more than bee box anyway IMO.
  5. i have a lot of bee hives but no killer bees...lucky me XD
  6. this game make me so OCD it's not even funny....someone quick!, make a mod that let you straightly put stuff down!
  7. since they change the tent i don't even use the tent unless i want to make my base look pretty lol
  8. YAYYY....i haven't watch ur stream for a while so it's a good chance to catch up lol
  9. yes yes bad, i always say reptile for some odd reason
  10. ur health will come back after the effigy is used
  11. i watch reptile stream all the time...that's nice..i will c if i can make it
  12. in my old world i got it on my 2nd this one, i don;t even try to summon him...if i c him i will kill him but if not then wuteve...
  13. well, the sword do more dmg for to the shadow monster but i think it eat up ur sanity when u use it.....haven't try it out yet
  14. lol it's obvious hahaha. that bush in not the same as the normal berry bush!
  15. i too have the same problem....i got around 3 patch of small Savannas and only 1 of them have about 6 beefalo but i can manage it i guess >.<.....big forest and grassland with tons of trees and that's about it
  16. make a top hat and ur sanity problem will be no more for the bees....idk, ppl are having the killer bee issure but i don't on my map. They will probably fix it Soon.
  17. well, you are alone on an island trying to survived with stuff trying to kill you.....adding sanity meter is just a logical idea.....the sanity meter doesn't make the game harder, just more challenging to manage and plan ur day accordingly and use the time wisely.....if u make a top hat, u won't even have sanity problem anymore =p.....surprisingly, ppl haven't been complaining that this patch are making the game harder.
  18. i was having trouble with the sanity meter at first but if u go around and kill enough tier 1 spider nest on the first couple of day to collect the silk, u can make a top hat......sanity problem solved....the rest is just the same as usual after that.
  19. i don't know why u guys are getting killer bees like bees are fine >.>